Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Christ Raising the Widow's Son at Nain

Luke 7: 11-17
(Nain: pronouced NAY-EEN)

The Lord approached the village of Nain,
and raised up the son of the widow who was grieved.
And so the King of Glory, who rules the sun and stars,
summons to life the lifeless one.

Here Christ has advanced upon Satan's Empire;
raising the boy in tender love.
Let us join the vast crowd, exultant in awe,
and glorify God, singing of Christ's triumph.

When the Lord saw the boy's sorrowing mother
he shared her sadness and said, Don't weep.
In the world's tearful mourning, let us hurry to Christ,
who comforts humanity; consolation in our grief.

At the threshold to the village Christ restored the nameless boy
and returned him to his mother...No more fear.
Let us eagerly welcome Christ across the threshold of our lives,
that he might manifest this power and elevate our minds.

Let us be glad for this widow whose only son was restored -
in losing her boy, consigned to poverty and loneliness.
O Christ our Resurrection, witness the bankruptcy of our lives,
and fill the emptiness with your light.

Let us heed that the Lord touched the dead man's bier,
forbidden to maintain ritual purity.
And so we glorify God who has not disdained our world,
but entered in, to open human hearts.

When the Lord of Life said, Young man, wake up,
the dead sat up and began to speak.
Let us emulate this man, glorifying Christ in our speech;
bearing witness to God's en-livening grace.

As the Lord gave the young man back to his mother,
we can share this family's joy!
And so, let us be returned to one another,
praising Christ who does not leave us in loss.

Let us join the crowd who witnessed this wonder,
crying out, God has visited his people.
Yes, let us each announce God' visitation in our lives
and spread the awed-view of Christ the Restorer!

Raising the boy at Nain, death's darkness is overcome,
joy is once again; relationships are widened.
And so, let us trade now what is useless, old and failed,
and welcome Christ, God's face and heart of love.


  1. These verses have a beautiful rhythm to them. Very easy to follow along and think about.

  2. I am going to keep these verses/thoughts so I can use them for a scripture class I have to take next year. I think they will be useful and I hope you have a few more. Thanks!