Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jesus Calms the Stormy Sea

Mark 4: 35-41

Hear the mysterious gospel words:
They took Jesus in the boat, just as he was.
Lord Jesus,  I come to you, just as I am:
divided, confounded, hopeful and poor.

And there were other boats with them:
an armada of faith.
O Christ, I will follow you in humility and love.
Even as you sleep in the boat of my life.

The apostles were swamped by wind and wave
imploring Jesus, Master we are lost.
But let us rest comfortably beside Christ the Lord,
trusting he will see us to safety and peace.

You awoke and addressed the wind and sea,
Quiet now, be calm,
O Jesus, speak words of power when I am lost
in the grip of worry and doubt.

O Christ, Lord of nature:
You calm the turmoil of the seas.
Your miracles bring shouts of joy
to the gateways of morning and evening. (Psalm 65:7,8)

When the Lord asked the apostles: Have you no faith?
he wondered, as they had witnessed his miracles.
And so we glorify Christ our God,
who spares us in compassion, dwelling in need.

The apostles were preserved from drowning
by the Lord's powerful word.
But overcome with awe they said to one another,
Even the wind and sea obey him!

O Christ our God, you asked for faith,
so I come before you in abandonment and trust.
Letting go of reliance upon my own strengths,
I surrender to your power and life-guiding Word.

In the calming of the sea, O Christ,
you were dismayed at our lack of faith.
But in joy and truth, I will not disappoint you;
receive the offering of my energies and heart.:

In the calming of the threatening sea,
Christ the Master established God's rule.
Dis'mantling Satan's Kingdom without walls:
O Christ our God, glory to you!


  1. What a great post. Let us all remember that God is with us even when we doubt. No matter how many times we disappoint him. Glority Him!

  2. How can Jesus be disappointed in our lack of faith? God knows that humanity will continue to fail Him. Can we ever as human beings fully praise God in the way he deserves. We are flawed. At least praising the Gospels helps to put us on a path to salvation.

  3. A good question has been raised here: "How can we disappoint Jesus by our lack of faith?" We must remember that these verses are more like poetry than theological prose, so the language is going to be different. They are more the language of love than doctrinal or theological presentations. Where there's great love there can also be disappointment or sorrow or pain. We might remember that gospel scene where after the shepherds have departed from the house of Bethlehem and Mary "ponders and treasures - stores up" her experience. It's more like that. These verses attempt to allow the gospel scenes to seep into us. Maybe we could consider the possible disappointment Jesus felt when there were no figs on the fig tree, or when the rich young man turned away from him, or when Peter denied even knowing Jesus.

  4. Thank you for the clarification. It makes sense to look at it this way. We should still try harder not to make disappointing decisions.