Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Assumption Countdown ~ Day Nine

Mother of God, Life-Giving Spring

THIS ICON IS TITLED: MOTHER OF GOD, LIFE-GIVING SPRING.  Mary holding her Divine Son is a curative fountain of life. There's the young mom who is taking her sick baby to the fountain. She seems so tired, she might even be leaning against the fountain's wall to rest. There is the poor fellow who has hobbled over on his crutches. Do you ever feel that you're off your feet or losing ground? Remember, metaphor doesn't mean not real - but most real. If it's your life that seems to be going under or losing ground - that's real, isn't it?

In the back of the fountain there's the woman who is washing her blind eyes. Is she an image of ourselves in our own not-seeing, our national inner darkness or humanity's blindness? There is the elderly man who is approaching the Mother of God and her Son. His illness or problem is concealed, as people often do.

It's a meditation to imagine ourselves stepping up to the Life-Giving Spring in all of our need, vulnerability, brokenness and poverty. This smiling Mother and animated Holy Child seem eager to help. We can almost hear the flowing water within the fountain. Flowing water is a symbol of internal regenerative energies. Don't we all want some of that?


  1. Wonderful meditation on the day before the feast of the Assumption. I read this before going to work, so thank you for this.

  2. Yes!!! Amen!
    Hail Mary- all mothering Holy, sacred Mother!