Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holding the Value for Children

ISN'T THIS A WONDERFUL PICTURE? Oh, that every child on the planet were so loved. After the February 9th post about Saint Valentine, a few people wrote, interested in the Latin roots of his name: valorem = value and tenens = holding. The name Valentine means holding the value. What's the value? "But the greatest of these is love," Saint Paul writes in his letter to the Corinthians.

Then someone else wrote about a post from a long time ago on holy tears. Putting the two together we might reflect upon holding the value of holy tears for love. Recently we heard of the parent who left a baby for an hour in a car with an inside temperature of 22 degrees. And the baby sitting young man who got the toddler in his care to inhale his marijuana pipe.

So maybe the Pauca Verba post today can be a silent prayer of holding the value of love for children. We needn't worry if the prayer will effect any global change. The bottom line, the only thing that matters, is that our own hearts be made conscious and warmed. The world is a better place for there being even one heart that is conscious and warmed. And so, we are...

Conscious of children forming in the womb
Conscious of children unschooled
Conscious of children enslaved
Conscious of children sexually violated
Conscious of children disposed of 

Conscious of children made soldiers
Conscious of children with special needs
Conscious of children brutalized
Conscious of children unfed
Conscious of children left dirty

Conscious of children where there is war
Conscious of children refugees
Conscious of children orphaned
Conscious of children terrorized
Conscious of children wandering and lost

Conscious of children where there's divorce
Conscious of children whose consciences are not formed
Conscious of children where there's disaster
Conscious of children used for profit
Conscious of children forsaken

Conscious of children in tears.
Conscious of children who beg
Conscious of children withering
Conscious of children who don't play
Conscious of children who are silent


  1. Father, I feel that for Lent each day, using Holding the Value for Children as a daily prayer, would be an action of holding the value of holy tears for love. I am going to do that, thank you for your post.

  2. To show love for a child seems so natural, yet so many suffer needlessly. There is awareness of children who are outwardly abused and neglected. Those that are poor, begging, enslaved, violated. But how often do we think of the silent child? The ones without consciousness? The ones who don't play? The false happiness of a child suffering? They may go unnoticed yet are especially in need of this prayer. My thoughts are with all children, but especially ones without labelled afflictions.

  3. I was the child who cried silent tears. I implore everyone not to just have a consciousness, but to take it further and listen to the children around you. They speak not with words, but with their expressions and their actions, or the lack thereof. Don't let them go unnoticed. Even if you help one child in your whole life, the reward for both of you will be immeasurable.

    1. All love begins with consciousness - awareness. It is in short supply and the challenges to consciousness are profound. That's why Jesus says often in the gospels, "Wake up" "Stay awake." Only then can we DO anything that is meaningful. We are reminded frequently here on this blog the words of St. Francis: "I can't do everything, but I can do something."