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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mother of God ~ Rescuer of the Drowning

ON THE RIVER DEVNO there was a dangerous and deadly whirlpool which even the most experienced sailors found difficult to navigate. Quite often large barges would become victims to the treacherous waters which carried under crew and cargo.

It was at that dangerous site that the icon of the Mother of God appeared. Subsequent to the icon being brought to the nearby church facing the whirlpool, the Devno became calm and safe. Proclaimed Wonder-Working and Rescuer of the Drowning, large numbers of pilgrims visited the church which housed the icon - patroness of those in need including many who were undertaking dangerous journeys.

In the 18th century the icon was transferred to the Monastery of the Savior's Transfiguration, remaining there until the 1917 Russian Revolution, during which time it disappeared. In 2003 the Monastic Church of the Mother of God, Unexpected Joy was consecrated whereupon a  pious Christian gave an exact copy of the icon to the monastery.

But there must be more. To live on this planet is to have set out on a dangerous journey. Frightful dangers seem poised to take us under. In our prayer we might entrust the whole of humankind to the protective care of the Mother of God and Her Divine Son, while at the same time reflecting, Is there some way that I might change my own thinking or become involved in an organization or group that proposes to address some life-threatening human problem?

Drowning in
global disease,
hunger and poverty.

Drowning in 
the militarization of our planet,
the enslavement of persons for sex-work and soldiering,
guns which take the children away.

Drowning in
the blood of innocence,
and prophets.

Drowning in
toxins which poison
the land, the water, the air ~
the plants,
the animals,
the people.

Drowning in
false promises,
ads and proposals,
secrets and deals.

Drowning in
ignorance and disbelief.

The River Devno was calmed
at the appearance of Your icon, O Lady.
So now, Rescuer of the Drowning,
still the swirling death-menace of our minds,
You, who with us glorify God,
Creator and Sustainer of all life.

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  1. I so enjoy your stories of wonder working icons. It brings great solace to know that God is taking care of us. Your prayer leaves nothing out. We all feel like we are drowning in something at different times in our lives. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.