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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Green Means Grow

new growth ~ soft green on spruce tips

HAVING COMPLETED the Easter cycle and the subsequent feasts of Trinity and Corpus Christi, we've returned to the long summer weeks of liturgical green. We're being told through color: Now go and grow in these things ~ grow in your own resurrection, up and out of yourself into a new creation. 

I'm listening to the many speeches of the many people who are declaring themselves as presidential candidates these days: They are saying the exact same things, making the same promises, using the same cliches and jargon they have been using since I can remember having a vote. New logos but otherwise, same old, same old. 

Why is a green question. We seldom ask why because the answer might very well be terribly threatening. That's why there are lots of folks already arrayed against the pope's pending encyclical about environment and climate and global poverty - they fear the pope's thoughts will threaten their (our?) security, power, money, elitism.

Many people won't even consider therapy or counseling because there the essential question is why. We want to answer, "I don't know" hoping it will get us off the hook or end our discomfort.

Personal growth really only happens when we ask why. May your green weeks of ordinary time be a time of why?!

~ ~ ~ 

But in symbology green is also the color of hope, the second of the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith acknowledges and bows before an invisible world: "and so with angels and archangels and all the hosts of heaven we say, holy, holy, holy." 

Hope is not to be confused with wishing: "I sure hope there's no traffic...I hope rain doesn't ruin my vacation...I hope this recipe turns out..." Rather, hope means, I entrust myself, my little world and all of creation to God who I trust will act. 

And I allow for God to be God ~ and to act as and where and when God will act. It is a very beautiful virtue keeping us from becoming cynics. You can't please a cynic, for whom everything pushes down.


  1. This post is just what I needed today! God Bless.

  2. I want to grow spiritually. Asking ourselves why and accepting the truthful response is difficult. I struggle with self confrontation. It is so easy to say I don't know. Just as you described above.

  3. Father,
    Sometimes I wonder if there is an answer to any of this. I am not even sure what to hope for. I follow my Catholic Faith and believe in God, but the unknown factors are too much for me so I stop thinking about what will come next, what to have faith in, what beliefs are really important. I would call it survival by avoidance. How do I turn this around?

    1. Sometimes it's all too much for me too - and a lot of other people. You're not alone. What beliefs are really important? The Incarnation: God became human. When you believe that everything is new. You can't look at the world the same way. You have a whole new "take" on what it means to be human and a new solidarity with people in their need.

    2. Thank you Father. It means so much to know that I am not alone in my thoughts. I don't often think that priests have these questions or the burden deciding what to believe so I am also thankful for your honest and candid answer. I will try to focus on The Incarnation and see if that helps. Thank you. A.S.

    3. If you look way over to the right of this page and scroll way down you'll see a list of TOPICS. Look for the Joyful Mystery Meditations. When you open that page you'll see the five joyful mysteries - they'll appear backwards so scroll down for Annunciation.

    4. Thank you for this Father Morris. And I did notice that you have a link to all of the Rosary Mysteries, and they are in the correct order. I will bookmark it and look at them more carefully starting with the Annunciation. A brilliant idea for those of us who missed these when they originally posted. I am a bit of a newcomer.

  4. I will trust God in all I do today.

  5. For some reason, this strikes a nerve within me and makes me really stop and think. How I can better my faith in God's love and how that will stir real hope.