Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Just for Today

This daylily has the lovely name, Jerusalem. Here we see it in the early morning, though already it has been rained on lightly. By evening the life will have drained out of the flower, closing up for good and dropping off the scape (stem) in a day or two. The flower's message is: just for today and today is all there is. Doesn't Jesus tell us this: 

"Don't worry at all then about tomorrow. Tomorrow can worry about itself; One day's trouble is enough for one day." Matthew 6:34

So here is lovely prayer which focuses this theme and which we might pray when we awaken. The Anglican Book of Common Prayer offers a wealth of prayers for seemingly everything that concerns us and in language that we can readily understand!

O God:
Give me strength to live another day;
Let me not turn coward before its
difficulties or prove recreant to its duties;
Let me not lose faith in other people;
Keep me sweet and sound of heart,
in spite of ingratitude, treachery, or meanness;
Preserve me from minding little stings
or giving them;
Help me to keep my heart clean,
and to live so honestly and fearlessly that no
outward failure can dishearten me
or take away the joy of conscious integrity;
Open wide the eyes of my soul
that I may see good in all things;
Grant me this day some new vision of thy truth;
Inspire me with the spirit of joy and gladness;
and make me the cup of strength to suffering souls;
in the name of the strong Deliverer;
our only Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ. Amen.

A note: the sixth line asks that my heart would be kept sweet. Sweet is the opposite of sour. In other words: Oh God keep me from becoming a sour person.


  1. A wonderful prayer Father. Thank you for presenting it to us in your beautiful teaching way.

  2. We've got to "keep the candle burning" in the darkness. Thank you for your good prayer.

  3. Thank You for the prayer! It amazing how YOU know when we NEED THIS!

  4. A note to everyone: Mrs. Whelan wrote to say she saved the prayer as a screen shot on her phone so she could remember to live just for today. Good idea!

  5. You are such a connect to prayers that energize the heart. Grateful!

  6. I always feel as if the air is taken out of the room when the prayer we're listening to (and are supposed to make our own) in church doesn't "connect." Who wrote these prayers? What were they thinking? Anyway, there are still good prayers found in many places and I'm always happy when I find one. And of course, we can always create our own. They're probably the best ones

  7. Many of us live one day at a time for any number of reasons, a loss, depression, the shear weight of worry, money troubles. This prayer "Just for Today" will help "every day" as we try to find the good one day at a time.

  8. Every line of this prayer hits a little spot in my heart. Just remembering to find the good in all things and to not be always turned toward the evil we see daily surrounding us is a struggle. This prayer balances out what we need to keep in mind. Thank you for looking for these inspirations and for writing your own when the need arises.

  9. "To find the good in all things." It's very difficult. On 60 Minutes last night there was a man who had been falsely imprisoned for over thirty years. He claimed he wasn't angry because he was a joyful person and to live in anger would mean that "they" had stolen away his joy. I get it - but's that's rough. I'm trying to find the good in this political season we're in right now. God's going to have to open up the sky and announce it to me! Maybe that I'm still on my feet - maybe that's the good - that it's bringing me to keep lighting the candle. Carry on!

  10. People just adore you here.

    1. Well, there are good folks here who are searchers with me. But I learned many years ago that every priest has his detractors. It was a painful lesson to learn, but that's just the way it is.

  11. I so very much needed this prayer today. I am thankful that I saved it. Thank you Fr. Stephen for passing it along to us, it is helpful. Amen.

  12. Amen, yes, "just for today" - and mindful of how vulnerable we are - praying for poor Italy, devastated by earthquake.