Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Praying on Inauguration Day

I'm always pained when I see an American Flag looking like this, perhaps because I understand that a flag represents people. And on Inauguration Day, not a few Americans are feeling the country is, like this sad flag, tattered against a gloomy sky, worn-out, shredded, ripped apart.

In the Roman Missal there are two Masses for Reconciliation. the Preface of the second Mass offers this prayer, which we might make our own today.

It is truly right and just
that we should give you thanks and praise,
O God, almighty Father, 
for all you do in this world,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.

For though the human race
is divided by dissension and discord,
yet we know that by testing us
you change our hearts
to prepare them for reconciliation.

Even more, by your spirit you move human hearts
that enemies may speak to each other again,
adversaries join hands,
and peoples seek to meet together.

By the working of your power
it comes about, O Lord,
that hatred is overcome by love,
revenge gives way to forgiveness,
and discord is changed to mutual respect.

Therefore, as we give you ceaseless thanks
with the choirs of heaven
we cry out to your majesty on earth,
and without end we acclaim:

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.
Heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.


  1. This is the most encouraging thing I have seen in weeks regarding this inauguration day. I have already printed it out in multiple and am giving then to people I know and to anyone who expresses concern. I want to spread this prayer to overcome division and hate. AMEN!

  2. Thanks for writing. I'm glad for your response and the distribution of the Mass-Preface. Good for you! An antidote to hate and division.

  3. It is through prayer, that I rely on God to create in America, a will to be pleasing and obedient to His will, hopefully releasing all the fruits for a great nation.

  4. "Releasing all the fruits for a great nation." "...and the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:13 Thanks for writing.