Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mother of God of the Two Veils

I'll name this Italianized, Byzantine Image: Mother of God of the Two Veils. Mary wears a white veil with a second of lapis-blue. 

Lapis is a stone mined for centuries in Afghanistan. In the Middle Ages it was exported to Europe, ground into powder and used as a paint pigment. Valued more than gold, it was used into the Renaissance as the color reserved for painting the clothing of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It has numerous symbolic meanings inside and outside of religion.

Mary of the two veils,
white bridal Mary,
in your ascent,
God delights in wedding himself
to our planet,
daily dressed in 
 scarlet sins
of exploitation and death.

Mary of the lapis veil,
heaven's bowl
and the divine mothering
rains a new
spiritual process,
the noble truth
of our conception in
the heart of God.

Mary covered in lapis,
the dome of your mind
filled with star-thoughts,
our mental malignancy
if we would ponder you.

Draw the evil out of
stubborn thinking,
Lapis Lady,
and by your bright
our frightening
ignorance to

Lady of the two veils,
in your bridal fullness,
Oh to realize our true nature,
beyond mud-men,
but to share the 
we've yet to perceive.


  1. Mary, Mother of God, thank you for continuously being an example to us. For leading us on the road to heaven and eternal life with your Son.

  2. Thank you for these prayers. Let us have faith that we will one day shed the sins of our humanity and know the truth that God holds, waiting for us. Follow Mary to the light.

  3. Beautiful imagery in this poem. Coupled with the message of Mary's healing love for us. Powerful.