Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sunday Intercessions ~ Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

The pope has likened the Church to a field hospital in the world which is a battlefield./ We ask God to show Christians the way to the healing of the world./ We pray to the Lord.

While the world is changing rapidly,/ we ask God to teach us how to remain steadfast in faith,/ hope and love./ We pray to the Lord.

In many parts of the world/ pregnancies are terminated when it is discovered that the child is female./ We ask God to forgive this terrible crime against creation/ and to show us how to welcome and provide for every child courageously./ We pray to the Lord.

October is the month of Mary's Rosary./  We ask to find our way in prayer/ and that we would grow in Mary's virtues of mothering-service and humility./ We pray to the Lord.

This past Friday/ the pope went to Assisi to celebrate the feast of St. Francis./ We pray to live the gospel mandate echoed in the life of Francis/ to be reconcilers and peacemakers./ We pray to the Lord.

We pray as well for the renewal of our planet where there is war,/exploitation,/terror and disaster./ We remember the sick and those who are most vulnerable./ We pray to the Lord.

Finally/ we pray for those who have died,/ asking for the forgiveness of their sins/and the healing and illuminating of their souls in Jesus-Risen./ We pray to the Lord.

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  1. We should be living examples of faith. Let us not forget the path that St. Francis took and let that be our guide towards leading a better life.