Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Litany To My Guardian Angel ~ Feast October 2

Church Ceiling Angels ~ Ethiopia

Angel, guide me
Angel, strengthen me for the fight.
Angel, protect me from danger.
Angel, defend me from evil.
Angel, escort me to Jesus.

Angel, lead me in the way of repentance.
Angel, steer me in the way of prayer.
Angel, appear beside me on the day of my judgement.
Angel, sustain me in Christ's truth.
Angel, grow me up.

Angel, inspire me to love.
Angel, animate me to generosity.
Angel, bring me to true knowledge.
Angel, console me in my fears.
Angel, correct my thinking.

Angel, direct my steps.
Angel, keep me fixed on Jesus.
Angel, hold me up in gratitude.
Angel, support me in my stumbling.
Angel, prevent me from getting lost.

Angel, preserve me in faith.
Angel, shelter me beneath your wings.
Angel, share your thoughts with me.
Angel, lead me to the Light.
Angel, build me up in goodness.

Angel, teach me silence.
Angel, ground me in honesty.
Angel, create in me the clean heart.
Angel, instruct me in the way of forgiveness
Angel, open me to a deeper love for Jesus.

Father Stephen P. Morris


  1. Thank you for this inspiring litany prayer. I will pray to my angel and hope that he knows I am forever grateful for being by my side.

  2. This is simply one of the most beautiful prayers asking for help. How often we forget our guardian angel sits on our shoulder.

    1. I imagine more my angel hovers near my heart. The risks for greater danger there.

    2. But my angel must sit atop my shoulder close to my head, for a greater danger lies in my thoughts than in my heart. And that he or she should stand guard near my mouth to silence my tongue from ill speak.

    3. "And how many angels sit on the head of a pin?" None of that matters. Just pray the prayer from a felt place.

  3. Wonderful Father!!! Thank you for sharing! My soul finds such a proud connection with the yearning to cultivate my human condition with the nourishment of God's endless love.