Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Prayer for Syria

Prayer to the Mother of God in Time of Need
Holy God-Bearer,
You are the joy of all who are sad,
the defender of the oppressed,
the nourishment of the wretched,
the consolation of the strangers,
the staff of the inwardly blind,
the visitation of the sick,
the shelter and relief of the defeated,
the hope of orphans;
wherefore, O Holy Mother of the Most High,
O all Holy One,
we implore you,
swiftly come to the deliverance of your servants,
all who are devoted to you.

This icon of the Mother of God is from Syria. It is of the Glykophilousa type - which means Sweet-Kissing. Doesn't the world need to feel the kisses being exchanged here - heaven's kissing of earth and humankind? 

Poor Syria especially needs to feel this divine embrace: heaven so close - cheek to cheek. But that can only happen if the world rushes to help. So often when countries are imploding, global help is delayed, procrastinated, debated, put-off, analyzed. Meanwhile half of the Syrian people are now refugees living in desert tent-camps provided by neighboring countries. Others are turned back.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people have been killed. They have been gassed; their cities bombed to dust. Untold numbers of Syrian children, perhaps millions, are suffering terribly from thirst and heat. Another generation of children is lost to psychological trauma, destroyed schools and access to health care.

Maybe we can make the accompanying prayer part of any spiritual discipline we practice. Or, compose your own prayer before the Sweet-Kissing icon. 


  1. Mother of God, in these troubled times, pray for us and shower us with your gentle kisses.

  2. Thank you for reminding us we are not alone in this world.

  3. Oh gentle Mary, hear our prayer for the safety of all unborn babies, keep mother's hearts filled with the desire to welcome their baby to new life. Change the hard hearted, to see the evil of abortion. Mary, show us how to love.

  4. The atrocities continue. I have faith that one day our prayers will be answered, but in the meantime, it is hard to bear witness to man's hate and cruelness towards one another.