Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Prayer Before The Image Of The Young Jesus

Here is a Litany Prayer I wrote for young people some years ago. Maybe it will help us to pray even if we're not youngsters anymore. All the singular pronouns can be changed to plural if we're thinking: Family, Church, Nation, Community, World.

Jesus, I greet you,
   receive the gift of my love,
   the whisper of my prayer,
   my thanks and praise.
   my desire for what is good.

Jesus, thank you for your Word and
   the wonder of your miracles,
   grow me up,
   make me whole, 
   seal me with your Spirit-Gifts.
Jesus, show me what you desire,
   lead me in heart-truth,
   disclose your secrets to me,
   direct my steps,
   illumine my life-path.

Jesus, walk with me,
   forgive the sins of my ignorance,
   transform me from within,
   draw me out of darkness,
   challenge my frivolity.

Jesus, give me a clean heart,
   remove from my mind what is worthless,
   restore me where I am poor and needy,
   brighten my consciousness,
   repair me where I have been abused or forgotten.

Jesus, take the weapons out of my heart,
   draw me out of the shallows,
   recreate me as a reconciler,
   refashion me to be an agent of life,
   keep me safe.

Jesus, strengthen me for my tasks,
   make me to be a good friend to others,
   a companion to the poor,
   protect me from unseen enemies,
   fill me with your good spirit.

Jesus, refresh me,
   release me from enslaved reasonings,
   be a remedy for my discouragement,
   soften what's hardened in my heart,
   melt what's frozen.

Jesus, no more greed or waste,
   teach me to harm no one.
   instruct me to kindness and compassion,
   spark justice in me,
   open me to gratitude. 

Jesus, expand generosity in me,
   quiet the beasts of false-judgments in me,
   tame the inner storms,
   exorcise the spirit of addiction in me,
   scour revenge from me. 

Jesus, establish the peaceable kingdom here,
   be patient with my unbelief,
   increase humility within me,
   free me from resentments that I may love freely,
   raise me from among the dead.

Jesus, awaken me from my inner sleep,
   expand me to a global heart,
   gift me with tears for the sorrows of the world,
   protect and enlighten my family,
   heal my memories.

Jesus, calm my exhausting fears,
   hold me close to your heart,
   show your face,
   build me up in trust,
   increase joy in me.

Jesus, give me the gift of peace.
   lift me up from my stumblings,
   fill me with new purpose,
   transport me beyond externals,
   break the lies.

Jesus, stir up creativity in me,
   confirm me in your friendship,  
   teach me how to love God and other people ~
   that I would be like light.
   Jesus, you can count on me!



  1. Allison JeffriesJuly 12, 2015 at 6:42 AM

    Consider me inspired. Jesus can do all that for me! What can I do for Jesus?

  2. Your prayers are like a strong breeze that comes out of nowhere. It strikes you and makes you catch your breath causing you to stop in your tracks. Thank you for making us stop and ponder the wonders of Jesus' love for us.

  3. If you only knew how wonderful these prayers help us! We look FOWARD to read them so it helps us with difficult times... We THANK YOU ALWAYS....

    1. And I thank YOU for following the posts AND for your own good prayer. Bless your family!

  4. These petitions help to erase my negative thinking and bring my thoughts onto a brighter path. Grateful.

  5. It's very easy to slip into negative thinking, sarcastic, cynical even depressive thinking in our time.
    I so understand. I'm happy you've found the prayer. Let's keep it handy. Bless you!

  6. Feeling blessed. Thank you for your thoughts and words to pray. It helps more than you know.

  7. Beautiful prayer. It certainly gives you a lot to think about. Thank you.

  8. Today's Gospel at Mass: Jesus summons the twelve and sends them out. Jesus is the initiator - the one who is in charge. It is for me, for you, to respond. Jesus has done (and does) all of this for me. Like the little bird in the nest, I am a receiver.

  9. Jesus my one true friend. Pray for me. Thank you for this prayer.

  10. Just knowing that Jesus walks beside me gives me comfort. Remember that Jesus is always with us and hears our prayers.

  11. As I sat here and read the first line of each stanza I thought "Yes, Jesus! Do these things for me!" I don't think I will need another prayer as this one says everything I need to say to Him. If I can attain even half of goals, I would be a one thousand percent better person. And that is what I desire most of all.

  12. We grow in goodness. We grow, with God's help. Be encouraged!