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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Angel Alphabet Prayer

We begin the Sunday Creed delighting in God who has created things - visble and invisible. This means we acknowledge an angel world. Here is an Ethiopian Church ceiling filled with busy angels, looking in all directions. Perhaps they are scoping out their jobs and realms of influence.

So I wrote an alphabet prayer for today's late September angel feast: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel - grateful for their presence; asking for their inspiration and enlightenment.

Angel of the Americas ~ North, Central and South, pray for us.
Angel of breakfast, blueberries and bread, pray for us.
Angel of Christmas! the Christ Child's cradle, pray for us.
Angel of dear ones departed, pray for us.
Angel of my energy and efforts, pray for us.

Angel of forgiveness, ferns, and frozen things, guide us.
Angel of goodness and gardens, guide us.
Angel of happy times, helpers and health, guide us.
Angel of icy hearts, guide us.
Angel of job-seekers and the joyless, guide us. 

Angel of kisses and all human affection, inspire us.
Angel of lupine and lilies, inspire us.
Angel of Mary, mourners and good manners, inspire us.
Angel of non-believers, inspire us.
Angel of opposites and obstruction, inspire us.

Angel of poetry, prayers and popes, enlighten us.
Angel of questions, quizzes and quackery, enlighten us.
Angel of road rage-ers, robins and  relaxation, enlighten us.
Angel of sunflowers and snow, enlighten us.
Angel of thunder and thankfulness, enlighten us.

Angel of our understandings, protect us.
Angel of violence and vitriol, protect us.
Angel of windy wintertime, protect us.
Angel of my anxieties, protect us.
Angel of yellow finches, school buses and taxicabs, protect us.
Angel of Ground Zero, zygotes and life's zigzags, protect us. 


  1. Father Stephen, you pray for us, guide us, enlighten us and inspire us. You are one of God's angels here on earth.

    1. You're being too kind - you don't live with me. Ha! But the pleasure of creating the posts is mine. The delight of knowing that lots of folks are interested. God be with you.

    2. That you take such delight in the writing of your posts proves what I said to be true. Your family and friends can think what they like. Even angels have been know to have a crooked halo once in awhile.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us. May our angels always be at our sides.

  3. A lively post! Full of creativity!