Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Intercessions ~ Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Early Autumn

Pope Francis said this week:/ "We do not serve ideologies but people."/ We ask God's forgiveness where we forget or consciously ignore this teaching/ and for new hearts to embrace it generously./ We pray to the Lord.

That in a long political season/ we would not be swept up mindlessly in the attraction of personalities,/ that we would be smart and attentive,/ not allowing ourselves to be seized by lies and pandering./ We pray to the Lord. 

For the global religion of Islam to be true to the love of God and neighbor./ For the heart-turning of all who use any religion to cloak hatred,/ terrorism,/ violence and death./ We pray to the Lord.

In the autumn time/ behind each dropped leaf is next springs bud./ We pray to keep life in sight/ and to be freed of cynicism,/ negativity and soul-threatening resentments./ We pray to the Lord.

Thursday is the Feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus./ We pray to embrace her gospel way of spiritual childhood:/ simplicity,/ humility,/ trust in God and love for Jesus./ We pray to the Lord.

Let us never forget to pray for the world's children:/ the baby waiting to be born,/ the legions of children who are disappeared,/ some of whom are not even asked about or sought after./ For them to be found and loved./ We pray to the Lord.

Finally we pray for the sick,/ the sorrowing,/ the prisoners and refugees./ We remember those whose sobriety and hope are fragile./ And for those who have died/ to know the merciful and welcoming face of Jesus./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. Thank you Father Stephen. These are so relevant and worth remembering for the whole week. If I pray even once a day, these intercessions are what I keep in mind.

  2. Amen! Thank you for your good prayer and for following the posts.

  3. We have been watching Pope Francis since he landed. An amazing Pope for the people. Long live Pope Francis and may hearts be opened to his global messages to humanity.

    1. I understand. I am sure that there are sour people, resentful, maybe jealous that we have such a leader, but it does seem that the whole country is happy for his visit.

  4. Father Morris,
    I have never written before, but I feel I must. I recommend your blog to many people as a way of finding one's way back to their Catholic faith and for those who are regular church goers who feel they are missing something. Unlike other Catholic blogs, yours speaks to me in ways that truly matter in my life. I can really think about what you write here and apply those thoughts into my daily routine. I can only imagine the following you have and the people you reach and am glad that I found you. I don't feel as though you are preaching at me, but rather, in conversation with me, guiding me along the way. Thank you for your your thoughts and inspirations. They make a difference in my life. I only wish that I could find this from my own parish priest. Your congregation is very blessed.

  5. I know that there are some priests (even in other countries) who follow the posts here. Maybe you could let your priest know about Pauca Verba. Priests suffer the same afflictions we all suffer: jealousy, laziness, culpable ignorance pride.. So just send a little note, like: "Dear Father, Have you seen The priest who writes it hopes that other priests will read it too." Be sure to sign your name - some priests ignore things that aren't signed. And I thank you for following the posts. God bless the Pope of Rome, and God bless you and your parish.

  6. Pope Francis is all about Mercy. His message is simple but so powerful. He is becoming more and more each day a friend of the heart.

  7. The pope is called Pontifex (Pontiff) which means bridge builder. Don't we see this in him. He even says to crowds, "If you can't pray or don't pray at least send me good wishes." Every heart is invited! Let us pray for him.