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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Lord God...

Winding Road ~ by Angelo Cavalli

Prayer for Trust and Confidence

My Lord God,
I have no idea
   where I am going,
I do not see the road 
   ahead of me.
I cannot know for certain
   where it will end.
Nor do I really know myself.
And the fact that I think
   I am following your will

Does not mean
   that I am actually doing so.
But I believe that the desire
   to please You does
   in fact please You.
And I hope I have that desire
   in all that I am doing.
And I hope that I will never do
   anything apart from that desire.
And I know that if I do this,
You will lead me by the right road,
Though I may know nothing about it.
Therefore will I trust you always,
Though I may seem to be lost
   and in the shadow of death.
I will not fear,
   for You are ever with me.
And you will never leave me
   to face my perils alone. 

- Thomas Merton


  1. Thank you for sharing this prayer with us. It has great meaning in these troubled times.

  2. What a beautiful love letter to God!

  3. So poignant. Thank you. I read this after praying Philippians 4:6-9. Staying close to one another in faith and to scripture and the great writers like Merton will sustain each of us each and everyday, I so look forward to your writings. Many are not addressing God 's people in these times. They continue as if nothing had happened except for a few sterile intercessions. As long as we have technology this is so comforting. We may very well start thinking about transferring some of these texts to hard copy for when we do not have access to the grid.

  4. I would like to read more from Thomas Merton. Can you recommend a good book or resource?

  5. This is a little difficult to answer only because Thomas Merton wrote so many books over a long career and the books evolve. In other words, he changed and evolved - as Christians ought to do. And some people are critical of his growth and change. Why they feel they need to do that - beyond me - just don't buy the later books if that's how you (any of us) feel. But Merton's first book is the one that made him "famous.' Seven Story Mountain. He tells his story, which is a story of conversion, leading him to become a monk at the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemane in Kentucky. I think it is a very beautiful book, followed by No Man Is An Island which continues his diary as a monk. Later books reflect a tremendous growth in awareness to social problems in our country and in the world. What he has to say matters. There are Catholics who don't believe the clergy (let alone a monk) should be offering social commentary in the light of the Gospel. I wouldn't agree with that. But begin with The Seven Story Mountain. We're all called to conversion.

    1. Thank you for your ta king time to give this thoughtful response. I will take your suggestion and get Seven Story Mountain.

  6. Seven Story Mountain brought me to another phase in my faith. It was a growing up book for me. It created a curiosity about spiritual matters, which I never thought about or dared to think about. Its a good read for everyone. Carry on, Father.

  7. This response is better than mine, calling Seven Story Mountain a 'growing up book" and causing a "curiosity about spiritual matters." You should write book reviews!