Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Christmas Alphabet

Taddeo Gaddi 14th century ~ the animals understand

A is for the Animals ~ the donkey and the cow.
B is for Bethlehem ~ meaning house of bread.
C is for Compassion ~ strong feelings of my heart.
D is for Dreariness ~ dispelled by Jesus' smile.
E is for Enosis ~ God's union-ing in Christ.
F is for Friends ~ name by which Christ calls us.
G is for Glad Tidings ~ angels' joyful news.
H is for Holy night ~ and the Happiness of God.
I is for the Icy hearts ~ which Jesus came to warm.
J is for God's Justice ~ what's best for all, not some.
K is for God's Kindness ~ Jesus hopes we will receive.
L is for Mary's Mother-Lap ~ where humanity may rest. 
M is for Miryam ~ Her Aramaic name.
N is for Nothing ~ is impossible for God.
O is for Ornery ~ this stubborn world Christ walks.
P is for Peace on Earth ~ God's hope, wish and gift.
Q is for Quirinius ~ who was governor at the time.
R is for Rescue ~ hand of Jesus when we're lost.
S is for Shepherds ~ Holy Infant's first guests.
T is for the Tomb of Jesus ~ foreshadowed by the cave.
U is for the Underworld ~ where Jesus shone his light.
V is for Vespers ~ evening praise of Christmas.
W is for this World ~ which God has loved so much.
X marks the spot ~ where Love's yet to conquer hate.
Y is for Yes ~ Mary's answer to the angel.
Z is for Zephyr ~ gentle breeze of  Christ's presence. 

Father Stephen P. Morris


  1. This is so lovely. I feel filled with the joy of Christmas after reading through it. Thank you for sharing your original poetry and prayers with us. They are always filled with thought provoking imagery.

  2. I started writing this the first week of Advent. What fun I had. Especially the Q, U, V, W, X, Y, Z lines. Bless you and your family at Christmas!

  3. I can see the fun and energy that went into this post. It is bringing the meaning of Christmas to us in a special way. Its like your own way of giving a great sermon. I am sure Jesus is so pleased with your effort, as all of us are. Merry Christmas!

    1. What a great idea! Thank you! The Christmas homily should be quite brief - letting St. Luke's Gospel, the manger in the church, the poinsettias, the carols, do what they do. I think I'll do just that. Christ is Born!

  4. F is for Father Stephen who brings us one step closer to God with each post he writes

  5. Thank you for thinking of this original and thoughtful way of bringing Christmas to us.

  6. I love this alphabet poem. A totally different approach from you today. And a pleasant Wednesday surprise.

  7. You have painted a beautiful picture of Christmas for us here. I can picture it all, letter by letter. You could make a children's book like this with a picture to accompany each letter.

  8. "P is for Peace on Earth ~ God's hope, wish and gift."
    Great line. I wish everyone would remember this at all times of the year.

  9. A great post for Christmas. G is for grateful. For The feeling of connectedness I feel here with all who visit this site. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  10. Looking around for Christmas inspirations and happened upon this in a group. It is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for to share with my kids and talk about all the meanings behind the words. Thanks for this.

  11. Since you work with young people, check out the rosary meditations link found on the top right border of this page. Happy Christmas!

  12. I enjoyed this so much! Great imagery and I learned some new words. I can't recall you doing a post like this before and I have been following for quite awhile. A nice addition to your posts. Merry Christmas!

  13. This was fun - also - Angel Alphabet, September 29, 2015. Happy Christmas to you!

  14. Merry Christmas Father Stephen. May the light of the Christ Child shine upon you throughout the year.

  15. Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones Father. I am glad you enjoy writing these posts because we love reading them.

  16. I am happy for this Christmas Alphabet. The Season is still upon us, let us continue to rejoice in the birth of Christ.

  17. So much said with such simplicity. A good number of things to envision.

  18. Jesus gives meaning to Christmas. Jesus, who was God in flesh, perfect, pure, holy, and who died on the cross and rose from the dead, is the one who gives the true meaning to Christmas. Thank you for calling to mind all the things that we should associate with the true meaning of Christmas.

  19. Glad you found the post - I send blessings in the New Year! Stay tuned - there'll be an alphabet for Mary's Month of May!

  20. Jennifer RostholderJanuary 3, 2016 at 4:50 PM

    This Alphabet poem made me happy and glad. Then I clicked on the banner at the top and it brought me to today's Gaudeamus post. How absolutely joyful indeed. They have really given a lift to my day. Bookmarking this site for further reading.

  21. "Lift up your hearts" the priest says at every Mass. That's the whole deal - the lifting up of hearts. Glad you found the post. Happy New Year!

  22. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad to have found it even after Christmas. I am happy to try to keep Christmas in my heart all year.

  23. Today is Russian Christmas! Glad you've found the post!