Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Intercessions ~ Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The apostles  look to destroy the Samaritans who did not welcome Jesus/ because he was on his way to the wrong holy city./ We ask to be healed of resentments and the desire to punish people in revenge./ We pray to the Lord.

We pray for the children who were born this week,/ and for adults eager to welcome them into a just and peaceful world./ We pray to the Lord.

Terrible fires are already burning in California at the start of summer./ We pray for fire-fighters and all who are helping./ For the safety of all/ and for rain where it is needed./ We pray to the Lord.

Heal the gun violence of this nation/ which takes the lives of eighty nine people each day./ Give us peaceful minds./ We pray to the Lord.

In the June-month of the Sacred Heart,/ we ask for all to the know the un-tiring love of Christ,/ keeping world leaders in mind,/ and the sick,/ the elderly,/ the poor/ and those who are marginalized and powerless./ We pray to the Lord.

For summer travelers and vacationers./ For those who get no time away from tiresome work./ For families struggling with addiction,/ bitterness and dysfunction./ We pray to the Lord.

We pray for anyone who is dying,/ mindful of those who are alone or without help./ And for the dead/ we ask forgiveness and the blessings of life and joy./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. There is much healing to be done. Let us pray that we can help it along and make as much of it happen as possible.

  2. For peace in the face of violence, for loving hearts in the face of hatred, and for healing in the face of woundedness. Amen.

  3. Eighty-nine people die from gun violence each day. Of those 55 are suicides. This show the despair of many.

  4. Troubling times indeed. A whole other realm of sickness.