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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Reason For Hope

Here's some good news. This summer four young men, Momika, Emad, Petros and Paul were ordained priests for the Syriac Catholic Church in Iraq.

The ordination took place in the Erbil Aishty refugee camp, home to 5,500 people who fled the ISIS take over of Qaraqosh, Iraq's Catholic Center in 2014. Their seminary having been closed during the attack, the four moved to Lebanon where they completed their theological studies. 

The makeshift sheet-metal church, which seats about 800, was packed with 1500 worshipers for the ordination. We can only imagine the joy these Christians felt that day: a bit of hope and strength restored. 

In a Catholic News Service interview, Father Momika said, "I want to stand with the refugees despite the danger to our lives. I want to give them power, hope and courage to continue their lives to stay in their homeland."

So here it is: when everything spelled violence and death, fear, sorrow and loss, these four were ordained priests. Like the lotus in the August 12th  post, sending out this splendid flower, up and out of the mud.

O Jesus, that we would be more joyful Christians.


  1. I am so impressed by these priests and their unbroken spirit to serve Jesus in the face of such danger. You do get a feeling of hope because of their great courage to serve the people. I like being able to see their faces, when I pray for them. Thanks for this post.

  2. Yes, surround them with your good prayer!

  3. Sometimes we give up too easily, letting little obstacles cause us to stumble and fall. These men and other like them stood strong and faced their challenges with success. They are rays of light united in their faith. Knowing this strengthens my resolve to do better for myself and for those that need it.

  4. Amen to that. And perhaps that we might complain less about so many things, especially things that don't matter, as the world goes.

  5. These are stories that should be told. To know the good that goes on in places where we think of all being lost. Thanks for sharing this as most of us would never have seen it in a paper or newscast.

  6. And thanks to you for following along here.