Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Pilgrim Relics of Saint Nicholas

When Pope Francis met with Patriarch Kirill of  Russia in Cuba in February last year, Francis agreed to allow the relics of Saint Nicholas, Patron of Russia, to be brought to Moscow and St. Petersburg this summer. The saint's relics have been kept in Bari, Italy for over 900 years. 

There's lots of news about the United States and Russia these days. Maybe we can spiritually join the many thousands of believers in Russia and pray to Nicholas these summer months. 

Here is the Troparion (liturgical hymn) sung in honor of Saint Nicholas. Note: In Eastern icons the saint's head is large as it thinks the high and wonderful thoughts of  God. 

The truth of your deeds
has shown you to your flock
as a vessel of the faith,
an example of virtue
and a teacher of temperance. 
Wherefore by humility
you acquired greatness
and by poverty riches.
Father and Bishop Nicholas,
intercede with Christ our God 
that our souls may be saved.


  1. What an exciting thing for the Russian people, to see these relics. A reinforcement of faith. Which, I think they must struggle to keep in sometimes hostile places. Pope Francis is full of surprises!

  2. In the hopes that some of our world leaders, and including our own, might be touched by the intercession of St. Nicholas, I will pray this Troparion.

  3. Amen. And good news about the relics.

  4. I have good friends who are in St. Petersburg for the summer months. They were going to see about venerating the St. Nicholas relics, but I understand the lines are hours long and in the heat. We'll see.