Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Holy Acarius, Pray for Us

O Holy Acarius,
how wonderful to discover your patronage, 
living as I do in a world of
*difficult personalities - 
people who are irksome, tiresome,
annoying, irritating.
And so I pray...

For the people who are always
critical of others,
Holy Acarius, pray for us.

For the power grabbing,
ignorant (but know-it-all),
name dropping people.
Holy Acarius, pray for us.

For those who play the victim,
the big-mouthed.
the dirty-mouthed,
the social climbing,
money-grubbing people.
Holy Acarius, pray for us.

For those who are ungrateful,
too-good-to-be-true cheery.
Holy Acarius, pray for  us.

But really, Holy Acarius,
while I ask for help in this world of difficult personalities -
that I would love people as I find them
or as they may become -
I pray all the more for myself,
who is undoubtedly irksome in some way to someone else,
for God to change me in ways that are presently
unknown to me - 
even unimaginable. Amen

*I put this litany prayer together after having asked a half dozen people, "What comes to mind when you hear the words 'difficult personalities?'" 


  1. This might be the best prayer I have ever seen. The last part speaks to all of us. It is surprising to me that St. Acarius isn't a more well known saint. We all know who to pray for for hopeless causes and for lost items, but we should keep St. Acarius in our thoughts, for we meet difficult people every day.

    1. That's right, and I bump into myself everyday too.

  2. I'd like to add self-serving and attention seeking people to this prayer.

  3. I can think of a few people who would benefit from such a prayer. I see myself in some of it as I think we all would. These are our human flaws that we have to work to overcome. Maybe with the intercession of Holy Acarius, we lessen the lines of the prayer that we identify with. I worry that my flaws offend others without my even knowing it.

    1. "Maybe we can lessen the lines..." It turned out to be a long prayer and I thought: my goodness there sure are alot of ways to get under eachother's skin. I was taken on a tour of a big and lovely monastery once and at the end the monk said, "You might think this looks like a very nice place to live in, but you try and live in even a beatiful place with 40 other people you would never dream of living with."

  4. This is a saint I will be adding to my regular intercessory prayer. I could not find out much about him, but there Are many difficult people I know that might benefit. We all have our bad habits, but there are people who I just don't want to be around. Maybe I should pray for more tolerance.

  5. I looked far and wide and found next to nothing about St. Acarius. That's okay, we have the best part which notifies us of his speciality. We could all do with more tolerance - that's being focused for us sharply these days in the news. We pray for self-knowledge.

  6. This is a rather enjoyable post. I have forwarded it to some of my friends. It is a fun way to do some interior searching, which could bring change and a more amiable friendship with others.

  7. Maybe religion should be fun. Too serious much of the time. I think God set the "fun tone" when he created this planet, all the animals - and then inviting us to name them.

  8. The picture reminded me of a poster, the saint inviting us in to see a side show at a carnival. In a way, we are a freak show of personalities, each of us with our quirks and flaws. I guess this keeps life interesting, as we are all different. Your prayer to St. Acarius can help us to name the difficulties and help us to tolerate them. Awareness is key. Thanks for inviting us in.

  9. This prayer is so pertinent and just so real that I almost cannot look at it as a prayer. It has become my every day mantra before I set off to work since finding it last week. Thank you for finding St. Acarius and for thinking of writing a prayer to share. Amen!!!

  10. I'm glad you found the post and thanks for praying it with me. Wouldn't you think Acarius would be the MOST well known saint? Spread the world.

  11. We all have our faults, and difficult aspects of our personalities. I particularly find it hard to overlook ungratefulness. People who take other people and their gifts and faithfulness for granted. Especially when you see it happen over and over again.

  12. I get it, but there might be a flip side too. If I know that the ingratitude happens over and over again - why do I set myself up for the disappointment? Christianity doesn't mean, "Go ahead and feel free to tap dance on me."

    1. I do ask myself that question quite often. I guess there comes a point where a kindness should end when it becomes taken for granted. I just have a feeling, or a fear rather, that this person won't notice, or care if I step away, and I'll feel even worse about being so insignificant or replaceable.

    2. You sound intelligent and self-aware. Your "significance" purpose, dignity or meaning isn't dependent upon any one person. We're not bad because we extract ourselves from manipulative, negative or even abusive relationships. And no one is irreplaceable.