Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day Eight ~ Third Intercessions in the Guadalupe Novena

A little angel with colored wings lifts up the Lady of Juan Diego's tilma./ We ask for our families/ and all who live in the Americas/ to be lifted up by heaven/ to faith,/ hope and love./ We pray to the Lord.

Let us not forget Maria,/ Juan Diego's wife./ We pray for the women of the western hemisphere and all the world/ who have others in their care./ We pray for women who suffer abuse,/indignity or insufficiency./ We pray to the Lord.

Millions of people travel each year to Mexico/ to venerate the tilma of Our Lady at Tepeyac./ We pray to honor each other as well - / - as Mary's Divine Child/ who has come to us at Bethlehem,/ gives each human person new dignity./ We pray to the Lord.

It is a difficult climb to the chapel at the top of Mount Tepeyac./ We pray for those for whom life seems all uphill,/ asking for them, new resolve,/ strength and support./ We pray to the Lord.

The face of the Virgin Mary on the tilma is indigenous and very beautiful./ We ask to see the Divine in each human face:/ in the faces of newcomers,/ and those who do not reflect the world's idea of beauty,/ the faces marred by tears,/ fear and hard toil./ We pray to the Lord.

The Guadalupe account is filled with bird song and flowers./ We pray to be seized by the beauty of holiness - living in goodness,/ humility,/ integrity/ and the heart-desire to see the beauty of God's face./ We pray to the Lord.

The Virgin of Guadalupe wears a high belt/ suggesting her pregnancy./ We ask that every child would be wanted,/ welcomed and loved - holding most deeply in our prayer/ the children in the  womb with special needs and challenges./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. As always, your intercessions are greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing them with my class each week to help focus their prayers on much needed intentions.

  2. We pray for President Obama who after the tragedy at Sandy Hook said if we can save even one child then we have an obligation to do so".Yet he is the biggest pro abortion President in the history of the United Staes. We pray that the Holy Sprit will touch both his heart and mind to have an obligation to make laws saving all the children in the womb.

  3. I'll allow this anonymous comment to be published, but with reservations, as I never want this blog to become contentious. Blogs have a way of going that way - quickly. I would add: Pray ardently for every president and every congressman and senator, majority and minority leader. They all have missed opportunities and, as is true for all of us, will stand before God.

  4. I apologize Father my intention was not to be contentious. As always you expressed my intention in a much better and precise way. Thank You.