Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning ~ Before the Empty Tomb of Jesus

IT IS THE DAY OF RESURRECTION and the story begins with the women of Sunday morning who have returned to the tomb to complete the embalming of Jesus. Those burial rituals were interrupted because the sun was setting on Friday, signaling the start of the work-forbidden Sabbath. But while everyone else ran away, these women friends of Jesus continued doing the things of love in preparing for their Sunday return. 

And on that Easter morning they met angels who told them Jesus was alive. The stone which was intended to seal in death had been rolled back - not to let Jesus escape but to show that he was not there.

Let's pay attention to that rolled back stone which the angel sat upon, as if to say, "There, it's done, the great victory." But we must not just admire Jesus in his rising, but name the rolled back stone, sharing Christ's championship. 

Roll away the stone of self pity that counts all the losses.
Roll away the stone of self-defeat.
Roll away the stone of our deadly choices.
Roll away the stone of negativity and pessimism.
Roll away the stone of aggression and self-glory.

Roll away the stone of all I claim to be impossible.
Roll away the stone of rebellion and inner resistance.
Roll away the stone of indifference and laziness.
Roll away the stone of regrets and the nursing of old wounds.
Roll away the stone of alienation and entitlement.

Roll away the stone of skepticism and the  doubting of your divine
Roll away the stone of suspicion and defensiveness.
Roll away the stone of hard-heartedness, ignorance and
Roll away the stone of addiction.
Roll away the stone of blaming and lies.

Roll away the stone of lukewarmness in prayer.
Roll away the stone of anxiety and procrastination.
Roll away the stone of posturing and empty argument.
Roll away the stone of our well-armed hearts.
Roll away the stone of cold suspicion and compulsion.

Christ is Risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And upon those in the tomb,
Bestowing life!


  1. Happy Easter! I love this post and all that you have done this Lent. Now that Christ is risen, let us rejoice in the light of His resurrection and follow the path He has set for our salvation.

  2. I feel as though much of this reflection was written for me. I am acutely aware of all my faults and shortcomings after this Lenten journey and these lines sum it all up for me. I will come back to it when I feel myself losing self control. Happy Easter Father!

  3. Thank you Father. Have a blessed Easter. The Risen Christ is in you.

  4. You bring Jesus into my life. Happy Easter! May Christ's light continue to shine through your inspirational words. Amen.

  5. The blessings of the blog are for ME too: the people I have met through it, that folks see it all around the world, that it invites me personally to a new kind of prayer, the beauty I have discovered, the practical help I receive it getting it 'out there'. I send an Easter blessing to all! Christ is Risen indeed!

  6. Father, your blog is really our blessing.I am inspired and feel closer to God for it. I am away at school and read it to keep myself grounded in my faith. It can easily be forgotten and your words are speak to me. Happy Easter! I thank you.

  7. Thank you for reading the blog. God bless your studies. I am reminded often of my father's words whenever I was returning to the seminary from a visit with him, "Keep the faith," he'd say.

  8. Thanks, I needed this. I will print and continue to reflect on these words. Peace and Easter joy to all.

  9. Bless you Father and all the reflection of faith that you are able to convey through your blog.
    Always needing the re charging of the faith. Thank you , Happy Easter.