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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fourteenth Station ~ Jesus is Buried in the Tomb

HERE IS AN ICON of Jesus' Mother in her Good Friday anguish. She is depicted in her sorrow as her Son is taken down from the cross and placed in the stone tomb. It's said that there is no sorrow like that of a mother sorrowing over the death of her child. The Medieval hymn asks:

                                     Who, that sorrow contemplating,
                                     On that passion meditating,
                                     Wound not share the Virgin's grief?

But this icon scene of the sorrowing Mother is also seen in newspapers  and on TV and computer screens each day. The misery so deep is all over the world as mothers watch helplessly while their children wither and die.

Perhaps Mary grieves too that her Son remains so unknown, unloved; that sin is so un-acknowledged, un-repented of and evil so justified. 

Iraqi Mother trying to revive her dead son.

Oh Jesus, give us new hearts, hearts that are eager even to know about and share the sorrows of others. Give us hearts that turn, and turn again, and yet again - to interface with others and to know that you are there.

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  1. Blessed are they who mourn a child and who keep their faith in God.