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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday of Bright Week ~ Having Heard From The Angel

IN THIS FRESCO from a monastery wall, there are a couple of scenes conflated into one: One Easter angel points to the binding cloth or shroud of Jesus. Another angel points to the empty tomb, announcing to the confounded women that Jesus is risen and gone ahead to Galilee. The soldiers, symbolizing power and empire, are fallen. The walking stick held by each angel indicates that these are messengers in motion - alive with news. 

Having heard from the angel
the glad tidings of the Resurrection,
and that the ancient curse was done away,
the women disciples of the Lord
cried exultingly unto the apostles,
"Death is no more and Christ our God is risen,
granting to the world great mercy.

(Eastern Christian Resurrection Hymn)

This is a wonderful verse to memorize and repeat many times each day - even out loud - during the Easter time. I believe it has the power to dispel sadness, self-pity and harmful anxieties.

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