Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Eleventh Station ~ Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Gerard David ~ Christ Nailed to the Cross

ONCE AND FOR ALL, enough of this about the Jews killing Christ. Surely, the painter of this picture understands, Jesus is looking at me, not at anyone else. I have a responsibility to share. 

But how? I wasn't there. I have a responsibility to share because I refuse to give up my greed which abuses this earth-paradise God has given us. I have a responsibility to share because the world is involved in a perpetual war, and expensive war preparation is the world's first business. 

Jesus is looking at all of us because we're the killer people by our executing, aborting, euthanizing and standing by, faces in the window, witnessing a global war on children. In this moment, Jesus is silent. And biblically, silence is a sign of the presence of the all-powerful God. 

Oh Jesus, as I see this picture of you  being nailed to the cross, I find it so difficult to return your gaze for long.

Deep Silence

Our Father Who art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...


  1. Allow me to be silent and allow the presence of God to enter my life. Amen. Thank you for these Stations of the Cross Father, they get me thinking.

  2. I see Jesus being stretched as far as He can go. The pain excruciating. Yet, Jesus knows it isn't enough. Your post cries out to us to stop, stop committing these awful crimes against humanity. Thank you for the punch.