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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Twelfth Station ~ Jesus Dies on the Cross

THE RED CROSS ENCOURAGES blood donations with the motto, Give the Gift of Life. The blood is given as a gift. But what makes it such a tremendous gift is that once given, I don't know where it goes or who it helps. The person who receives the blood-gift will likely be a stranger. This might be someone very unlike my self, whose values or beliefs may be even the opposite of my own. The gift might conceivably be given to someone who could be an enemy or someone I wouldn't care to know or who I might find hard to like. 

Here in this detail of Giotto's Crucifixion, there are angels flying near the dying Jesus, catching his blood in chalices as it drips out of his hands feet and side. The blood of Jesus is no ordinary blood. Maybe the angels are doing this so they can give it away to each of us, to have sins washed away! (Revelation 7:14). 

An unbelieving doctor who had begun working at a Catholic hospital found his way to the chapel one evening. As he walked around and saw the Stations of the Cross on the walls, he thought, "How ridiculous - a God who dies." Not at all! This isn't strange, and perhaps a doctor should know best of all. Jesus loves the whole world, completely giving the gift of life, even eternal life, through his blood! You don't ridicule these things, you ponder them in awe!


Our Father Who art in Heaven...
Hail Mary full of grace...
Glory be to the Father...


  1. I have always thought of Christ's blood being shed for humanity, but this makes it so much more personal. Every drop of blood is a gift. A gift for all. Jesus love us, we should accept his gift and pass it on, not be filled with hate.

  2. Jesus literally bled on the cross, but more significantly He bled and died for sinners. The blood of Christ has the power to atone for an infinite number of sins committed by an infinite number of people throughout the ages, and all whose faith rests in that blood will be saved. This is nothing to be ridiculed in the least.

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  3. I am happy that you are a blood donor Father and appreciate encouragement that you give for blood donation here. The tie in with Jesus' gift for life. It is true that you don't know who might get a donor's blood, but it will surely be someone in dire need and how beatiful is that? To know that you have helped to save a life. Blood is always in shortage. I implore everyone who is able to give a pint of blood. Thank you Father for your blog. I read it often, but felt a special bond to today's post as a volunteer at a local blood bank.

  4. St. Therese was so fond of saying, "The loser always wins!" Heaven, for you and I. These stations bring to mind, the great sacrifice Jesus endured for us. Thank you for that awareness.