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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday of Easter Week

Early Spring Marsh Marigold

Before the Easter dawn the body of Jesus lay abandoned in the darkness of the tomb. There is a great sadness in this: Jesus, who loved to be with us, was locked away. But where had he really gone? "He descended into hell," we pray in the Creed. Having hidden ourselves from God, Jesus has gone to the deepest place of human loss to find and reclaim us.

Bishop Untener asked it this way: "If my mind were a hard drive, and on the day of my death it were opened up, what would it reveal?" Jesus goes there - to that most miserable, confused, fearful, damaged place in each of us. And finding us he says, to my joy, "Here you are! I have found you! You are mine!"

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  1. Spring cleaning for the soul. Thank you.