Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday of Easter Week

Guards were posted outside the tomb of Jesus; the religious leaders wanting to be sure the body of Jesus wasn't stolen. Or maybe they were secretly afraid of the resurrection?  And there is something that wants me entombed as well - locked in anti-love - in the death of addiction, cravings, fears, anger and that terrible tiresome, religious pride that believes and argues: I'm right; you're wrong.

But Jesus invites me to my own personal Easter. He wants nothing more than that I would follow him through the Holy Saturday of my personal inner darkness to the brightness of Easter morning - a changed and evolved way of thinking and acting

Can I imagine giving up one old harangue, complaint or negative refrain that I keep rehearsing and returning to again and again. It's boring, worn out and produces nothing of life. Some people don't even hear themselves.


  1. If we can change our way of thinking, then it will be Easter every day within us.

  2. Yes, for sure. But nationally we are in a deep coma, so changing our thinking requires a great awakening, honesty, inner freedom. Most of us latch onto our so-called "beliefs" by other people telling us what to think - usually people with power and authority. Question: are your political positions based on the Sermon on the Mount? That's not synonymous with the Born Again agenda, or the Evangelical Agenda, or the Catholic Agenda, or the Greek Orthodox Agenda or the "Pro-life" agenda or the agenda of the "right" or the "left" or the host of my favorite channel or station. Read the Sermon on the Mount - every word of it - and then read it again and you'll (any of us) begin to see how profound it is for how you and I THINK.

  3. The Sermon on the Mount places emphasis on sincere devotion to God, and a corresponding heartfelt benevolence toward others. The emphasis, as this definition suggests, is on the heart. And, therefore, it is to the heart that Jesus directs his teaching. Is anyone able to fully open their heart to Jesus' teachings without the preconceived ills that fill us?

    1. "Is anyone able to fully open the heart to Jesus' teaching..?" More to the point? "Am I able....?"