Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Intercessions ~ Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gathering for Sunday Mass,/ keep us close to your Word,/ freed of boredom,/ distraction,/ hypocrisy and ruinous thinking./ Give us hope and willingness,/ knowledge of you and joyful hearts./ We pray to the Lord.

For the Church to awaken where it is sleeping,/ to be safe-guarded/ strengthened and consoled where it is persecuted./ We pray to the Lord.

This October/ there is a synod in Rome on The Family./ We ask for new and spirit-filled insights/ to heal the deep alienation many Catholics feel in their religious lives./ We pray to the Lord.

The Japanese city of Nagasaki was destroyed with an atomic bomb 70 years ago today./ We pray boldly for the conversion of the global-heart/ to be freed of these weapons that have such potential to cause the greatest suffering,/ destruction and death./ We pray to the Lord.

Saturday is the Feast of the Assumption:/ Mary's Easter./ We pray to go up with Mary/ to a higher spiritual awakening/ and the consciousness needed to create a world of mercy,/ compassion and peace./We pray to the Lord.

For the safety of summer travelers./ For the sick and those who care for them./ For those who are left untended in their deep need: the hungry,/ the children,/ refugees/ and those who live where society has collapsed in war or catastrophe./ We pray to the Lord. 

For those who have died by recent gun violence in our country,/ or in sad accidents./ We pray as well for those who live violent,/ angry lives and for their  healing./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. Amen Father. Good prayers to remember at this Sunday's Mass.

  2. May we never see a nuclear weapon used again. Let us pray to the Lord.