Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Thank You Before Returning To School

There's some summer weeks left, but as we get ready to return to school, there's reason for giving thanks for the happiest months of July and August! Soooo.....

For the animals I've played with or admired from a distance ~  Thank you God!
For time with my parents, relatives and friends ~ Thank you God!
For the pleasure of sleeping later -  a morning breeze through my window ~ Thank you God!

For the trips I made and for safety in traveling ~ Thank you God!
For the books I've read, the moon and night-time stars ~ Thank you God!
For the music I've heard or made myself ~ Thank you God!

For water's gift  in pools and ponds, ocean and shower-head ~ Thank you God!
For the smell of cut grass and flowers that please ~ Thank you God!
For the food at the barbecue ~ summer storms that clean the air ~ Thank you God!

For new clothes to wear, colored sneakers for my feet ~ Thank you God!
For the energy inside me for running and play ~ Thank you God!
For air-conditioners on hot and humid days ~ Thank you God!

For rainbows, sun, clouds  and sky ~ Thank you God!
For doctors and nurses and even the dentist ~ Thank you God!
For all the signs that I am loved and cared for ~ do I notice? Thank you God!

For mother's patience with noise and mess ~ Thank you God!
For tomatoes and melons, peaches and basil,
  zucchini and string beans, lettuce and corn ~ Thank you God!

My now 6th grade friend, Katie, has said that any prayer-list of summer gratifications ought to include ice cream - preferably in and on a cone. Yes indeed! Thank you God!


  1. Thank you for the prayer Father. My children will be able to see many of the things listed here as summertime favorites. It is sad for them that summer vacation is already over, but look at all the reasons to be grateful for it. A luxury in our hurried world.

  2. Things we can all be thankful for!

  3. I love this little prayer of thanks. Sometimes we need to remember these little things that make us happy in a big way. Thank you Father Stephen for this dose of joyfulness today.