Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Help Us Accept Each Other

Following this morning's post reflecting on the Largesse of Jesus, I later found myself singing the lovely hymn, Help Us Accept Each Other. The lyrics were written by Fred Kaan and the tune is Kings Lynn. It is found in the Worship II hymnal. 

We might ask the parish music director if it could be taught to the folks for Mass. It's the kind of hymn which has the power to change and evolve us. The lyrics, and this new icon of a young and very beautiful Jesus, call us to a deep meditation.

Help us accept each other 
As Christ accepted us;
Teach us as sister, brother,
Each person to embrace,
Be present, Lord, among us,
And bring us to believe
We are ourselves accepted
And meant to love and live. 

Teach us, O Lord, your lessons,
As in our daily life
We struggle to be human
And search for hope and faith,
Teach us to care for people, 
For all, not just for some;
To love them as we find them, 
Or, as they may become.

Let your acceptance change us,

So that we may be moved
In living situations
To do the truth in love;
To practice your acceptance,
Until we know by heart
The table of forgiveness
And laughter's healing art.

Lord, for today's encounters

With all who are in need,
Who hunger for acceptance,
For righteousness and bread,
We need new eyes for seeing,
New hands for holding on;
Renew us with your Spirit;
Lord, free us, make us one!


  1. Amen. This song is a prayer that makes my heart dance.

    1. And that's exactly what the things of religion should do!

  2. These are powerful and timely lyrics. The whole struggle for acceptance is addressed here. To care for all God's people as they are.

    1. The only people Jesus has real problems with is the religious people who burden others. But so often we burden people with our judgments and assessments. I remember growing up - somehow it was never enough - the message was you didn't give enough, think enough, pray hard enough, good enough. What a crushing way to live. Jesus celebrates goodness wherever he finds it - "Your faith has saved you, go on your way." "I've never seen faith like this before..."

  3. Lord, as I gaze upon your face, I am moved to tears for those that do not know you. You are the answer to the hate in this world. If people would embrace you, they would know the meaning of unconditional love.

  4. Thank you for sharing your prayer. And I want to add that place inside MYSELF that still does not know this face - where the interior light of His face hasn't permeated the deepest places of anger and resentment within myself or those inner places where I look for wiggle room to judge and hate. And for the all the Christians who have yet to meet Jesus in the Largesse of His Heart.

  5. Father Stephen, I am not a Catholic, but I get the sense that you are here for all who follow the teachings of Christ. I have read through several posts this morning after this was shared with me and I will be following along in the future. Thank you for your diligence in pointing the way to Christ's love. It is the path to our own salvation.

  6. Good morning, Doreen! Peace be with you, and thank you for following the posts. To follow the teachings of Jesus - up and out of the darkness of alienation, hatred, loneliness, fear and resentment to Christ's love. Amen!

  7. Every line of this hymn is as important as the next. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Yes, the hymn invites that kind of heart-attention and reflection. Thank you for following the posts.

  9. I feel such a great connection to God here. You are a gifted writer to be able to convey such feelings spirituality to us. And I would guess that you are a beloved priest in your community. Many more blessings to you Father Morris.

  10. I don't even need to hear the music to know how beautiful it is. The words are so relevant for today.

    1. My favorite line:

      For all, not just for some;
      to love them as we find them,
      or, as they may become.

  11. Sometime it is easier to say I love and accept everyone in their differences than to say I love you to the people in your everyday life. We should remember to show those near and dear to us what they mean. Truth in love. New eyes to see what surrounds us.

  12. To be sure. We're often much harder on the people we live with than on others. What we'll accept or tolerate in strangers we won't put up with in relatives.

  13. Life has led me down a road that I wish I had not taken, but my hope is in the Lord. It is only because someone took me in, in all my misery and self destruction that I am here today. I am grateful to those who don't pass judgement and open their arms to socety's castaways. They are examples of Jesus.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. "To love them as we find them or as they may become." No conditions.

  15. The line "or, as they may become" is not necessarily saying they will become better. We are so enamored with how things should be. I want to accept what is and it's so difficult at times. Jesus qualifies the called. He doesn't call the qualified. Beautiful lyrics, much to ponder.