Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday in the Easter Octave

Nicholas Haberschrack ~ The Three Marys ~ 15th century

Having heard from the angel
the glad tidings of the Resurrection,
and that the ancient curse was done away,
the women disciples of the Lord
cried exaltingly unto the apostles,
"Death is no more
and Christ our God is risen,
granting to the world great mercy."

Eastern Christian Hymn


  1. As Christians enter into the full significance of the resurrection story, many lessons can be learned from Mary Magdalene. She needed no proof that Christ was indeed the Son of God, for in her own body, in her own spiritual experience, she had seen the marvelous transformation from demonic control to the peace and rest of faith that she had found in Jesus Christ. What was important to her was that Jesus Christ had been delivered from death and from the tomb, that He was now released to enter into His glorious estate. Her sad heart was now glad.

  2. I miss your description and explanation. I even studied it before I read it. I'm sure I'm missing a lot. The red in both Mary's left and right? No halo of the left Mary? We had a visit of the reliquary of femur bone of Mary Magdalene many years ago. Her rep has gotten a bad rap so to speak. This iconic representation is so important for me this year trying to sit in the resurrection and not moving to the Ascension so fast! Trying to stay with "watch and pray".

  3. What was it? Spiritual laziness that we reduced all the women of the Gospel into one and called her "Mary Magdalen"? What do we know of her? That seven demons were driven out of her. Name your own. And that she was the principal Easter Witness - Apostle to the apostles. Maybe someone who didn't like the Gospel having a woman carry the Resurrection news to men, out of resentment started the "She's the prostitute of the Gospels" ball rolling. Which she wasn't. Relic bones? OK I guess, but I wish we'd spend more time with the Gospel Word.