Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday in the Easter Octave: Jesus, Risen Gardener

Rembrandt ~ Jesus, Risen Gardener

In preparation for my First Communion I was catechized in 1957-58 by a young Franciscan nun, Sister Vincent. My world was already delightful with crayons, training wheel bike and over the fence there were still wooded lots. Then...

She told me of your Resurrection, O Christ my beloved:
of the myrrh-bearing women who ran in fear and joy,
of your Easter morning gardener-disguise,
of the beach-breakfast you prepared on the charcoal fire,
of your honeycomb lunch -
   sweetness of God's life,
   after the vinegar we gave you to drink,
of your candlelight dinner with news-weary friends,
of your wounds shining like the crocus in snow,
of your peace-laden breath,
of your eyes wide awake
looking compassion upon our Good Friday world - 
   of human bombs,
   and sexualized infants,
   of despised refugees
   and oil-soaked seabirds,
   of burning forests
   and discount spice.

Stay with us Lord, it is already late.

Father Stephen Morris


  1. I don't like this Good Friday world. I'd much rather think of the Easter Morning in the painting.

  2. I don't like it either, but it's the world we live in, so let's stay standing - if nothing else to honor the 72 Christians who were blown up on Easter Sunday in Pakistan - more than 20 of them children. Believing in Easter in a Good Friday world is a gift to us.

  3. Your prayer says so much about what the world should be and what it really is today. So much to think about. Right now there is much sadness.

    1. Christians are an "Easter People" stuck in a Good Friday world. Not easy.

  4. It is not the Lord who will leave us. It is we who have forsaken Him with our ill will and maliciousness.