Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Intercessions ~ Pentecost Sunday

On the Feast of Pentecost/ we pray for the Church and its unity./ We ask for the Church to be a bold witness to Jesus-Risen/ a victor over indifference,/ fear, / pessimism and alienation./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Pentecost/ we pray for all the human family/ mistaken and often lost in exhaustion and fear./ And for the healing of emotional and spiritual wounds in our own families./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Pentecost/ we pray for those who will be Confirmed this year./ We ask the Spirit of Jesus to build them up in faith,/ prayer,/ and an eagerness to serve./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Pentecost we pray for the safety of summer travelers/ and for those who this month celebrate birthdays,/ anniversaries and other days of remembrance./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Pentecost/ we intercede for the sick and those who care for them/ asking blessings for all who hope for the healing of body, mind or spirit./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Pentecost/ we remember those places around the world where is great suffering:/ wars,/ natural disaster,/ oppression and poverty./ That the world of prosperity might rush to lift the weak ones./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. On the Feast of Pentecost, I pray for all those who feel forgotten. That they may remember the gifts of the Holy Spirit and gain strength from them

    1. Feeling forgotten. That's an interesting observation on your part. The Spirit descended on a community. In the Christian "thing" we are spirit-filled for each other. Maybe that should be a particular emphasis of the Christian - to be sure everyone is included. That's the iconic message of the two great "arms" reaching out from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. A lot of people feel forgotten or un-valued by the Church. We really need to respond to that if we're going to be the Church whose Christ-Message is "Salvation for ALL."

    2. For the victims of abuse who for one reason or another didn't make it. While their tormentors go on in their living, that these lost souls are not forgotten. It is my hope that there will be heart changing epiphanies that enable people to see how their actions have affected many lives, and that that remorse becomes their first thought of every day.

  2. Amen. I'm sad to see the Easter season over. I always feel most connected to my faith during Lent and weeks following.

  3. The long Lent and the still longer Easter time - that's a lot of the year. Maybe the way you feel is the way it's supposed to be. That way we have something special to look forward to. But now that it's "over" we have to do something with it! That's the challenge.

  4. Let's hope we all be infused with the Holy Spirit tomorrow. More than that, that i will open myself to the Spirit. His gifts are much needed to continue this tough journey. Have a great Pentecost!