Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beverly Sills in Mary's Month

This May-blooming, frilly iris has been named Beverly Sills (1929-2007) who was a much-acclaimed American operatic soprano.  The online biography describes her voice as: rich, supple, silvery, effortless, precise, a little high, robust, enveloping.

She was born in Brooklyn of Jewish parents who had come to the United States from Odessa, Ukraine.  So at the end of May, her iris blooming and Mary's Month drawing to a close, it might be nice to hear her singing Schubert's Ave Maria. Unlike other opera stars, Ms Sills recorded no album of sacred songs, but I have a feeling she really enjoyed singing the hymn as she repeats it three times.

While considering the iris, we can listen once, and then if we so desire, eyes closed, a second or even third time. We know of course that the Ave Maria is the Hail Mary in Latin, though for some unknown reason sung here in another language I can't make out.


  1. This is so beautiful. Did she do other sacred recordings? It is a nice way to close out the month of May. As always, I thank you for bringing​ beautiful thoughts to my day. I look forward to these posts.

  2. I'm not aware of other sacred music, I just stumbled on this one. I'll be sure to let folks know of any discoveries.

  3. The iris looks quite delicate. As with many beautiful things, we must take care to appreciate them while they are there, for their presence may be fleeting.

    1. Very fragile; very fleeting. Each flower lasts only a couple of days. A too hot day or a rainy night and they're gone.