Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mary Alphabet In the Month of May

S is for Swaddling Clothes

A is for Awake ~ Mother Mary in Bethlehem's cave.
B is for Beauraing ~ Monastery of Mary's Golden Heart.
C is for Cana ~ Prompting Christ's wedding sign.
D is for Dormition ~ Eastern name for the August feast.
E is for Everyone ~ tucked safely neath Her Mantle.
G is for Golden Gate ~ Jerusalem's meeting of Joachim and Anna.
H is for Haste ~ Pregnant Mary's journey to visit Elizabeth.
I is for Incarnation ~ God's love closer than our imagining.
J is for Jesus ~ Mary's Son and our delight.
K is for Knock ~ Ireland's home of Mary's appearing.
L is for Mary's Lap ~ God's new throne here on earth.
M is for Magnificat ~ song-promise of wonders to come.
N is for Nazareth ~ our inner growth alongside Christ.
O is for Orans ~ Mary's open-armed stance of prayer.
P is for Her Priestly Heart - full of gift, thanks and praise.
Q is for Queen-Mother ~ the most solicitous kind of love.
R is for Rosary ~ fingering Mary's jewelry.
S is for Swaddling ~ Mary wrapped her Jesus-Child.
T is for Mary's Thistle ~ green leaved; milk spotted.
U is for Useful ~ Mary's disposition before God.
V is for Violet ~ Her humility, not blown by strong storms.
W is for Wadi El Natrun ~ where in Egypt she nursed Her Child. 
X is for Expanse ~ heaven's wide-opening in Christ.
Y is for the garden's Yarrow ~ also called Our Lord's Back.
Z is for Kazan ~ Mary's victory against the Golden Horde

V is for Violets in Snow


  1. It is Mary's month of May. A great way to start us off, remembering all these things associated with the Blessed Virgin.

  2. I always think of Mary as the most gentle and caring mother. God saw in her the gift of love and pureness to choose her above all others to raise His son. And now we all call her Mother. A lovely tribute Father. Thank you for your kindness in sharing.

  3. The V also can be victory for such a delicate, pretty flower. I was surprised to see the violet coming through the snow! I thought of Mary and her perseverance, her strength in hard times, reliable friend. May is so linked to Mary.

  4. L is for Mary's Lap. A mother's lap is a safe haven for her little child. If only I could crawl into my mother's lap and feel that security still.

  5. I took a group of troubled young people to Lourdes years ago. My spiritual director told me that at Lourdes, it is as if Mary pats the seat of the bench where we find her and she says: "Here, come right over here and sit next to me." What a lovely May meditation that is!

    1. This is a lovely meditation for any time of year. Thank you for writing your prayerful thoughts down and giving them to us. I find that original prayers from real people are easier to connect to. The words flow more easily into my mind for deeper reflection.

  6. Carolyn McDevittMay 4, 2017 at 8:29 AM

    You paint beautiful pictures with your words.