Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

God, who puts things together

I found these Foam Flowers and Ferns growing together along the side of the road the other day. God's imagination includes knowing how to put things together beautifully and giving us the soul-capacity to recognize these wonderful combinations and to admire and consider them. 

God put creation together in the Genesis account. I like the part about the universe being put together with the stars making galaxies and constellations. Remember the bit about God introducing us to the animals and inviting us to name them? God put the lilac, the lily and the rose together with their unique scents.

Psalm 119:3 is a reminder of God's putting-it-together skill: You did knit me together in my mother's womb. Jesus put together a team of twelve apostles. He put a family back together when he raised the little girl from death and the boy to the widowed-mother at Nain. Jesus put the cured lepers back together with the community that excluded them for their sickness. Bread and wine, lilies of the field and birds of the air - those are nice combinations.

Sometimes God puts us together by introducing us to friends and dear ones. I remember at school I would remind the kids that their lives were crazy like a seismograph line and my life too, and that God had seen fit for our lives to touch for this fleeting second of cosmic time.

In September we're put together with teachers and classmates. Teams are put together. By God's design? A dog trainer told me, "When you take in a rescue, you get the dog YOU need." I get it.

When we're little we learn to put words together and then sentences. Then we discover how to put sentences together to create a story. Some people are good at putting colors, clothes or design ideas together, or problem-solving ideas.

Some folks tell of being personally put back together after a divorce, job loss, bout of bad health or breakdown. Anyway, discovering the woodland Foam Flower and Ferns so beautifully growing together might help us to pray: gratitude for the coming together of relationships, moments and events that are so good.


  1. God is creative, whether it be placing beauty in unexpected places such as these flowers on the forest floor, or dropping people into our lives unexpectedly, who become our greatest source of comfort and understanding. Looking back, I see that God has placed people in my life at random times when I needed them most. And their friendships grew until I could not imagine my life without them. I know that God was watching out for me and put us together and snapped us into his great puzzle of life. You have a beautiful way of using analogies for life Father.

  2. Isn't it wonderful! It's a gift; we can't force it. I'm happy for you.

  3. You find beauty and meaning in everything that surrounds you. I have to pay more attention to the little details and look for these things also. I will especially look for acts of selflessness which are no less beautiful. I have been broken and put back together by the grace of God. I am grateful for it all.

  4. Looking for acts of selflessness - yes. Teresa May, PM of Great Britain said this morning that while Manchester had just seen the worst of what humans can do in the terrorist bombing of the arena where young teens and kids had just enjoyed their concert - they also witnessed the best of humankind - the countless selfless acts of people rushing to rescue and help.

  5. I look at my life like a patchwork quilt. Each piece is sewn together individually to make the whole thing come together. Sometimes the pieces don't fit neatly in with the others, but in the end, it always seems to work and the quilt grows larger and more beautiful. For all the people who have contributed to making me who I am, I am forever grateful.