Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Intercessions ~ Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

Costa Rican Child: I am the Body of Christ too.

The once large Christian communities of the Middle East have steadily declined over the last century./ We pray for this terrorized remnant,/ asking consolation and restoration./ We pray to the Lord.

On the Feast of Corpus Christi/ we celebrate Christ coming to us as food./ And so we pray for a world of justice/ where all have food,/ not some./ We pray to the Lord.

As June begins/ we pray for all who celebrate birthdays,/ anniversaries/ and other days of remembrance,/ asking for health,/ faith/ and growth in goodness./ We pray to the Lord.

As Memorial Day marks the start of the summertime/ we pray for the safety of travelers and vacationers,/ mindful too of those who get no time away/ for rest and renewal./ We pray to the Lord.

Our world is full of suffering:/ the sick,/ the refugee,/ the prisoner,/ the victimized and the lonely./ Grant us a deepening awareness/ and hearts filled with charity for others./ We pray to the Lord.

We pray the blessings of strength and renewal for families in all their variety./ For families that are stressed financially or emotionally./ For parents and children separated from each other./ We pray to the Lord.

On Memorial Day/ while remembering prayerfully the many soldiers and sailors who have died in battles,/ we pray too for the millions of civilians killed in wars./ For a new world,/ eager to work hard at solving problems through dialogue./ We pray to the Lord.


  1. I want to help a hungry family. How can I do that? Do you suggest any organizations that will really feed people in need and not use the money for their own purpose and advertising?

    1. Check out CROSS INTERNATIONAL. I've long thought they have a good reputation.

  2. Christ come to us as food, nourishing our minds and keeping us spiritually healthy. I pray for the strengthening of my own faith as I walk the path in front of me. Sometimes the way seems all uphill and it is hard to keep going, but you remind us that Jesus is with us. It helps to know that.

  3. "Sometimes it's hard to keep going." I understand. And so you and I can only imagine how hard it is for this little girl all dirty and tired, with her garbage bag, the bad air and the flames nearby. My God, how is this allowed? And could any of us ever dare to say she should, "Pull herself up by her bootstraps." I'd call that thinking blasphemy: a God-insult. So yes, your prayer is a good one: "Jesus, nourish our minds." That we might think rightly and only about the things that really matter.

  4. Thank you Father Stephen for your good thoughts here. As always, your intercessions give me emotional overload, but I am grateful for the direction.

  5. "Emotional overload" - I understand. It comes with living on this planet I expect...if we're paying attention.

  6. "Emotional overload" - I understand. It comes with living on this planet I expect...if we're paying attention.