Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mary Alphabet in the Month of May

Lady Altar ~ Basilica of the Assumption ~ Zwolle, Netherlands

A is for Ave Mater ~ Greetings Mary, in your maternity!
B is for Saint Bernard ~ called the Harp of Mary.
C is for Cherubim Choir ~ Jesus' heavenly escort.
D is for Discipleship ~ Mary its first-flowering.
E is for Everywhere ~ Her sightings and apparitions.
F is for Mary's Flowers ~ Her earrings, slippers and gloves.
G is for Guadalupe ~ Aztec Mary in a golden mist.
H is for Hill Country ~ Pregnant Mary hastening on foot.
I is for Iris ~ Mary's light-receiving eye.
J is for Joseph ~ attentive to his dreams.
K is for Mary's Kitchen ~ finding God in pots and pans.
L is for Lourdes ~ Mary smiling from the grotto.
M is for Maris Stella ~ o'er life's tempestuous sea.
N is for Numinous ~ God's bright shining; can you feel it?
O is for Oak ~ sacred tree of Jesus' cross.
P is for Pro Populo ~ Mary's prayers for the people.
Q is for Quince ~ fruit of Jesus' rising.
R is for Resonance ~ the happy sound of Her name.
S is for Shhh ~ Nursing Holy Infant.
T is for Temple ~ Mary and Joseph presenting the Child.
U is for Untangling ~ knots of fear and scorn.
V is for Vogue ~ Mary in and out of fashion (but not for me).
W is for the Wine ~ running out at Cana's wedding.
X is for Exclaim ~ Mary singing of God's marvels.
Y is for Yellow Bedstraw ~ covering manger's floor.
Z is for Zwolle ~ Her Netherland church with fifty-one bells!


  1. Mary is never out of fashion for me either. Always in Vogue!

  2. What would we do without Mary, our Mother and Queen!

  3. Thank you for sharing your Mary tribute from A to Z with us. Each letter presents an image for us to think about. However did you you find this Zwolle altar for Z?

  4. I wish I could say, "Oh I've known about this place since I was a boy." But it's was probably something as mundane as Googling: Marian Shrines Around the World and Zwolle popped up. And then the delight of learning about its 51 bells! Stroke of luck.

  5. Finding God in pots and pans. I guess we should be looking for God everywhere.

  6. Yes indeed! Get hold of the little book Brother Lawrence The Practice of the Presence of God. It is the spiritual insight/advice of a monk who has the responsibility of the monastic kitchen and has to find a new way to pray as he more often than not misses the chapel exercises.

  7. Beautifully dine once again. This can be used in so many ways.

  8. I have been to Lourdes and you really do feel as though Mary is smiling down from the grotto. Smiling down on us from above. It is a very spiritual and healing experience. Thank you for this alphabetical tribute to our Blessed Mother.

  9. That lovely aspect of the Lourdes account: that on a number of occasions when Bernadette was instructed by the parish priest to ask "the thing" this or that as "proof" the Lady simply smiled. Heaven smiles at our fussing.

  10. As May is approaching its end, I will bookmark this particular post to have it always available when I need a feel good reminder of all the goodness and protection we are blessed to have from our Mother Mary. Thank you for this Mary tribute, it has served me well already.