Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Upon Finding An Old Icon

Found you in the attic box
sealed and forgotten,
Your icon, O Christ,
from your czarist home
your long adventuring
to my hands and heart.

Now to light again,
smiling, with blessing hand,
Child of the Imagining One:
of the trillion, trillion galaxies,
of fetal fingerprints and DNA,
of uncoiling fern and the Spring's spring,
of weeping moss for joy or sorrow,
of Shinleaf and Foam Flower,
of the ten thousand bird species,
and textured clouds.

From our own worn frame,
split and dulled,
save us who cry to you
All-Merciful and Golden.

Father Stephen P. Morris


  1. It does seem as though Christ is blessing me, looking right at me. It is a comforting thought to think of Jesus always with us through all of our trials and tribulations ready to carry us.

  2. A lovely treasure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your rediscovered icon.

  3. A special find for you in your attic box. The icon, waiting to be discovered at the right time so that your thoughts would be to share it with us. Extend your blessing hand towards me Jesus!

  4. Jesus, free me from the chains that bind me so that I might feel a fresh breath of life. I want to be a guiding light to people like you are Father Stephen.

  5. Thanks for the kind thoughts, but I need to pray your prayer too. May the Lord bring completion the good he has begun.