Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

White Pine With Snow

Looking for signs, even glimpses of hope these days, and then it snowed Saturday night into Sunday - a heavy, wet, ground-covering, branch-bending snow. Here's an early morning photo of the young, self-seeded, White Pine out front, when the snow started to let up. 

Then investigating the symbolism of both snow and pine, I put the two themes together and realized the possibilities for good wishes and a hint of optimism. 

"God has given us two books - the book of nature and the book of the Bible."  Father Alexander Men

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Sweet smell of pine, enliven us.
Fire sparks of pine, ignite courtesy anew.
Wreath of pine, kindness as our prize.
Endurance of pine, encircle us.
Iroquois Peace Tree, talk to us.

First snow, clean heart of Christ's Gospel.
First snow, safe covering of unity.
First snow, preservation of our goodness.
First snow, land softly on made-up minds.
First snow, Melt, frozen hearts!


  1. I remember the quiet stillness after a snowfall. A clean slate.

  2. Father, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place from which you gain such inspiration. Thank you, as always for sharing your thoughts with us. You have a sweet and sensitive nature about you.

  3. I am a blessed man, indeed. But I lived in Manhattan years and years ago and would notice the trees planted along the sidewalks, or window boxes or small potted trees on the front porches of buildings. I want to notice everything in a felt inner place.

    1. We could all stop and try to be in touch with a felt inner place more than we do. You teach us well Father. I listen with open ears and more importantly an open mind. Your lessons are the keys which are unlocking my heart on layer at a time. Surely God sees this goodness spreading in us.

  4. God misses nothing. We grow in goodness - with God's help. Our motto might be, "Pay attention," God's surprise is right around the corner.

  5. Nature reminds me to appreciate all that is comforting in my life, especially my family and the friends I know I can count as family. In nature, everything is connected and relies on a whole system to survive. Nothing can survive on it's own. I look at my life this way. I rely on others to help me through. At this time of Thanksgiving and new snow, I must remember to thank them.

  6. I was at a workshop recently for people who would like to set out in the field of spiritual direction (spiritual friendship/spiritual gardening). A wonderful day led by two Irish women. Throughout the day there were times when we were involved in group projects and there was some talking. When the leader wanted us to re-enter the larger circle in silence, she would begin to sing "Go deeper, go deeper" with the most lovely Celtic melody. There it is: "Go deeper." That's often what's lacking in our spiritual lives - a kind of plateauing, little or no study, little or no silence, little or no questioning/pondering. So here, you've described this theme of gratitude in your own life. If you've got gratitude, you've got the spiritual life. "Go deeper, go deeper," within that theme. Happy Thanksgiving.