Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pauca Verba Milestone ~ Community and Thank You!

Kazan Mother of God

Today Pauca Verba (a few words) tipped 250,000 page views. That's a quarter of a million looks since March 2013. Our nation is addicted to numbers: winning numbers, lucky numbers, scores and stats and perhaps especially poll numbers, but that's not what matters here. Some of those page views are faithful followers tuning in, while others might reflect someone's stumbling in while surfing the web. 

Of greater interest is that there is something of a community that checks in here: folks from Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, South Korea, Canada, Philippines, India, The United Kingdom. There's even a fellow who writes from Australia and priests in Ireland and Vietnam who use the intercessions at their Sunday Masses. Some catechists use the Rosary Mysteries with their classes. That's all very encouraging and exciting.

I find it particularly gratifying that unlike so many other blogs, this one is essentially free of bitter contention. I've never conceived of myself as a dogmatist, moralist, canon lawyer, theologian or bishop wannabe, just a pointer. Pauca Verba isn't about debating Church related issues but about the Christian interior life in dry and often confounding times. This approach seems to resonate with folks. 

So thanks to everyone for the interest, suggestions and encouragement you bring and for your good prayer. "May the Lord bring to completion the good thing begun in you." 


  1. Thank you Father Stephen. You have brought all of this, all of us together in this beautiful way. It gives my spiritual life the fuel to keep going, to not give up on my Catholic faith. I

  2. Hurry! Brace yourself, get out the tough, call out the graces. Lent is here, oh my dear! Can I survive it, am I ready. Of course, so much love in my pocket. See, what you started. Fun in faith!

  3. Stephanie ScardinoFebruary 8, 2016 at 8:06 AM

    Father Stephen,
    We are the ones that than you. It is all what you do here. I know I am just the beneficiary of your religious and spiritual guidance. I have learned so much here about God, my faith and myself, opening up places that I didn't know existed within me. You put this all together and keep it going, and I am grateful.

  4. The blog is amazing. You are wonderful and all that a priest should be. Happy to be here with everyone.

  5. Congratulations and hoping for many more post entries to come.

  6. Dear Father Stephen,
    It seems so long ago that you lit up our parish with your presence. I loved your homilies and the life you brought to things. Hard to believe you are gone for three years already, but I still feel you through the blog. I can hear you speaking the words and it brings a comfort just knowing you are still there, doing what you do best. Instilling in us the meaning of the Word of God. A return in blessings to you Father, for you have blessed us more than you know.

    1. Well, the column began when I was chaplain to the school and produced a paper bulletin for the kids who were in residence there. Then when I went to Seaford I got the pastor to give me a column in the Sunday Bulletin which became a page. Then when I was pastor in the second parish I had free reign. That's where I met the good folks who encouraged putting things online. It was all a great learning with wonderful direction and support. I was like little Tobias being led by the Archangel Raphael.

  7. Great work here Father! Your work is truly guided by God.

  8. Throughout my life God has always sent holy souls to point me in a better direction . In high school at the top of Mont Blanc, France, my peers left me in the dust. I didn't belong up there but they said I'll be fine. Not. To this day a strange man I will most likely never come to know led me down a two hour trail. Well , you I know and am grateful to God for pointing me during this rather dark time. God bless you!