Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mexico in the news and the Guadalupe

So much TV talk about Mexico these days. And I think of that country's troubles and its dear people, the Lady of Guadalupe and her shrine in Mexico City. Pope John Paul II presented the Guadalupe to us as patroness of our hemisphere.

Here is her litany, composed by Father Elizondo. The prayer is very beautiful and deep. If we pray it slowly and thoughtfully it can evolve us, each line invading our sub-conscious, which is the underneath of our minds, our dream place, where we often don't go, for fear of change.

Mother of the unborn, pray for us.
Mother of orphans,
Mother of the rejected,
Mother of the unwanted,
Mother of the unrecognized,
Mother of the powerless,
Mother of the voiceless,
Mother of the oppressed,
Mother of migrants,
Mother of the marginalized,
Mother of the destitute,
Mother of foreigners,
Mother of immigrants,
Mother of the homeless,
Mother of those considered gift-less,
Mother of those who see no value in their lives,
Mother of those who have no political influence,
Mother of those who have no reason to hope,
Mother of consolation,
Mother of those who say yes to Jesus,
Mother of Providence,

From becoming oppressive, deliver us.
From becoming cynical,
From denying options to the poor,
From becoming opportunists,
From becoming deaf to the voices of prophets,
From becoming blind to injustice,
From becoming complacent,
From becoming ungrateful servants,
From becoming arrogant,
From becoming elitists,

Model of love and compassion, may we imitate you.
Model of hope and new life,
Model of evangelizaton,
Model of simplicity,
Model of justice for the poor,
Enabler of the downtrodden,
Example of receptivity,
Example of humility,
Example of sensitivity,
Bridge builder of cultures,
Respecter of diversity,

Virgen Morena, "Dark Virgin," Mother of God, Lady of Guadalupe, we commit ourselves to follow your example, to be life-givers and receptive to new life. We will be faithful followers in our love towards the poor, in our desire to give dignity to all people and to treat all the abandoned with tenderness. Let us live with constant confidence that we need not fear when we acknowledge you as our Mother, Mother of god. Grant that we may participate in your plan for new life and give us faith in the daily miracles that you and your Son, Jesus, work in our lives. Amen


  1. It is important to pray this slowly and thoughtfully as you suggest so as not to miss any subtly. Think about each line and what it means to you and how it applies to your life.

  2. Thank you. Might I even suggest it can influence our politics. All of it; not some of it.

  3. I hope that our vote in November does influence our political climate.We need unity in our country now more than ever. May Our Lady of Guadalupe hear our prayers and intervene for us. We can do good in this world if we so desire it.

    1. One recent guest on a news program reflected, "I wonder if after this election Americans will ever again be able to love each other." Pretty sad that said about a country that perceives itself to be religious/spiritual. And so we pray this litany, filled with soul-insights.

  4. Mary is the mother of us all. I truly believe that She is watching over us as a good mother does. Sometimes I doubt that heaven exists, but I think of all the people who believe and would rather be counted among those that believe in her miracles than not. And when I see your prayers and your heartfelt love of Jesus here, I know I am not alone.

  5. Even if there are large numbers of people living a superficial, go-to-church-and call-it-a-day-Christianity, here and there we'll find souls who are struggling to live Christ-centered inner lives in a very difficult world. I want to be among them. Mary creates an atmosphere of love, openness and joy around Jesus. You're not alone.

  6. I recall a beautiful hymn for Guadalupe. I can hear the melody but I don't know what it is called. Than you for this prayer Father. As always you teach us to have open hearts.

  7. This prayer should be posted on billboards across America. Amen. Amen. Amen!