Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Prayer for Peace in Syria

Shelled Syrian home

This prayer is offered through the Church of England, but I've added the line in italics at the end.

Spirit of wisdom and grace,
the power of truth and judgement;
we pray for all who are working for peace
in the tangled conflict of Syria today.

For international leaders holding a thread of control,
for the politicians holding a thread of power,
for the religious leaders holding a thread of authority,
for the fighters holding a thread of influence,
and the citizens clinging to a thread of hope.

Bring unity through the untangled order of justice.
Bring reconciliation through truthful dialogue.
Bring new life through patient diplomacy,
determined mediation and courageous peace-making.
Bring about conversion of heart
through the prayers of  Saint Eid il-Burbara (St. Barbara)
patroness of Syria. 

We pray in the name of Christ
our source of light and love.

Saint Barbara


  1. But how do hearts change Father? These extremist groups seem steadfast in their beliefs and are determined to rid the world of everyone who do not believe as they do. How will their hearts and minds be opened to accepting differences in order to live peaceful together?

    1. Islam needs a Reformation. Islam needs a Rennaisance. And these Islamists who are causing such suffering around the world need the rest of the Islamic world to come down on them teaching very loudly: "You are wrong!" I'm very disturbed at the silence from within Islam. But I was told recently that men can appoint themselves to leadership positions in Islam - no theological training, not even the ability to read. And with that lack of oversight then terrible things happen. The Roman Catholic Church has oversight - pastors, bishops, a pope and still, awful things happen. So of course, leadership that is awake and genuinely spirit-filled and not just interested in position and power.

  2. I am glad for these Anglican prayers to show us that we can pray in solidarity for peace in our world.

    1. Yes. I agree. They are prayers without prayer-language or theological speak or sentiment. They reveal a depth of understanding that is sometimes lacking elsewhere. But that is because the Anglican community is deeply rooted in the Incarnation - God come to us as HUMAN. And so human things matter very deeply.