Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

When we feel our lives are not pleasing to God...

MY FRIEND, FATHER JOHN, shared an image with me which needs to be passed on - when we feel that our lives, for all their turmoil, sidetracking, ups and downs and hard challenges are not pleasing to God.

Two sea captains have the job of ferrying people across a great body of water. The first captain sails his ship on a bright sunny day, the sea calm and lovely, the air warm and pleasant. The second captain maneuvers his ship through a tremendous storm of high winds and frightening waves - a seasick-making crossing. But for all the difficulty, the ship and passengers are safely delivered.

Which passengers will be happier and more grateful? The second of course. Can we imagine God, all the more pleased for our having navigated our own life-crossing with the stresses, ups and downs and even (perhaps) sickening aspects of our lives?

Sometimes I'm awakened at night with thoughts of the mistakes of my youth. I must remember this image then: God, appreciative for the rough crossing.


  1. Everyone might agree that the passengers of the second crossing were more grateful, however believing that God would be happy for our mistakes in life is harder to internalize. I will keep this thought in mind throughout the days to come and I hope to believe in this too. It is a healing reflection.

    1. God - pleased that you (we) have come through our mistakes, turbulence, lost direction - and that perhaps we have even survived it all - in some cases that it has even been turned to good.

  2. It is because of posts like this that I faithfully read your blog.