Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thought for Lent

I WAS WITH THREE eighteen year olds recently and mentioned, "Lent starts soon." Two of the three were silent but the third said, "Is that when you give up something?" And I thought, how is it that someone is still speaking in such a simplistic way about Lent? We gave up the simply giving up idea of Lent decades ago.

But hope springs eternal. Ashes on our foreheads for a day, maybe just a few hours - what can it mean? We might start here: much of the world is in ashes with so much war, relational disintegration and people-destroying hatred. 

There'll be a post here each of Lent's Forty Days. Lent is called The Church's Springtime. Whatever I do for Lent I must do for the sake of inner light, interior renewal, new inner growth. To that end I'm proposing a Lenten project with the theme: Save a Child. Whatever I do, or my family does for Lent - that it would be somehow directed towards saving a child somewhere. There are countless organizations that would be happy for our support. 
  • Americans spend 69 bbbbillion dollars a year on lottery tickets.
  • Americans spend 83 bbbbillion dollars a year on beer.
  • Americans spend 6 bbbbillion dollars a year on potato chips.
  • Americans spend 11 bbbbillion dollars a year on face lifts, BOTOX and breast augmentation.

There's no value-judgment made in sharing of any of these statistics. They're simply presented to illustrate that Americans (no matter what we say about the state of the economy) still have spending power. The numbers say something about what matters to us as a nation. So might we make of this Lent forty days of doing what we can (sacrificially) to save a child. Be creative! God bless your Lenten efforts.


  1. Good thoughts. God bless you!

  2. Thank you for this post directing our thoughts towards a Lenten journey. I will try to focus on what should matter most in my life, and not the materialistic things you speak of. Even if they seem extreme, it makes the point.

  3. Actually, I would say the numbers are not extreme but under-reported. When I saw it reported that American's spend 11 billion dollars annually on porn I thought at once that this is an under-reported number. But then again, the numbers are just indicators of what matters to us as a nation. So this Lent let's try to Save A Child.

  4. Save the Child! What a wonderful idea for lent. This will make me more aware of a child, a teenager who might be in need of understanding, empathy, a hug, an ear to listen. There are so many ways to support a child. They need our protection more than ever, so many things out there to harm them.

  5. These extravagances are seen in many of the world's leading countries. We should all pay more careful attention to bettering the welfare of children, both in our own countries and others who don't have the means.