Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Prayer for the Victims of the Syrian Conflict

This is essentially a Church of England prayer, but I have added substantially to it. 

We pray for those damaged by the fighting in Syria.
To the wounded and injured:
Come Lord Jesus.
To the terrified who are living in shock:
Come Lord Jesus.
To the hungry and homeless, refugee and exile:
Come Lord Jesus.

To those who have died:
Give the healing of heaven, Lord Jesus.
To those bringing humanitarian aid:
Give protection, Lord Jesus.
To those administering medical assistance:
Give protection, Lord Jesus.

To those offering counsel and care:
Give protection, Lord Jesus.
For all making the sacrifice of love:
Give the strength of your Spirit
and the joy of your comfort.
To those who are killing their fellows:
Give the remedy of love.

To the children:
Give the restoration of safety and joy.
To our war-weary world:
Give the new will of peace-making.
To all the soldiers:
Give the joy of returning to loved ones.

In the hope of Christ we pray. 


  1. Thank you for putting it all together. My prayer will cover the many needs of the world today. Your picture creates a deep feeling of sympathy for the suffering.

  2. We must believe in our prayers. That our compassion will reach the afflicted and sorrowful even though we ourselves cannot be physically present. I pray for these souls held by their captors, enslaved, raped, tortured and killed. What else can we do to save them but pray for their mercy?

  3. Disturbing image which I presume is what your intention was. Lovely, thoughtful prayer. I will pass this along to others who might want to offer a focused prayer for the victims.

  4. Disturbing image, yes. But it is the most 'tolerable' ones - the others are of decapitated men, women and children, people with legs cut off, people chopped in half, people immolated, rows of dead children....endlessly. I am grateful there is a pope - where is there any voice crying out from Islam to these monsters: You are wrong!"

  5. I pray that I don't become numb and indifferent to these images. That every time I see such a picture, I might be as horrified as the first time and remember to say a prayer such as this for all the victims and their families and for those who risk their own lives to come to their aid. Amen.