Pauca Verba is Latin for A Few Words.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lent: Save a Child

How money is spent says a great deal about who the person, family, community, nation is.

  • Americans spend 18.9 bbbbillion dollars on Valentine's Day.
  • Americans spend 7.4 bbbbillion dollars on Halloween.
  • Americans spend over 10 bbbbillion dollars a year on donuts.
  • Americans spend over 13.1 bbbbillion dollars a year on porn.
  • The Average American spends $1092. annually for coffee.

Pope Francis said at the start of Lent that any religion which does not require sacrifice doesn't amount to much. He asked this year that Catholics would give up indifference. Translate: any giving up needs to somehow be directed towards improving the lives of other people. I'd suggest doing something to save a child.

The Missionaries of the Poor
CNEWA Catholic Near East Welfare Association
Catholic Medical Mission Board
Cross International
Unbound: Sponsor a Child


  1. It is always so comforting to hold a child's hand. Thank you for all the info and direction today. Have a good day!

  2. Makes us seem guilty of greed. It is complacency more than indifference. It certainly gets me thinking.

  3. Complacency? Indifference? Who knows - but 10 bbbbillion on donuts! DONUTS! And there are politicians who say "No raise for school lunch programs." Shame on us.

  4. After checking your links, I have decided to choose one of these to give to. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. And although the amount spent on donuts is a seemingly astronomical number, I can't fault the American people alone for indulging on treats and coffee. Isn't it OK to enjoy these amenities as long as you keep others in mind and take care of people in need in our individual ways? I think we should attack the pornography number more than donuts. Americans spend 10% of their income on fast food. Maybe we should cook at home and save money that can be used for better means elsewhere. Money saved can be given to the needy.

    1. Do the Americans look like they need more donuts? But the issue isn't donuts (we spend 117 bbbillion dollars on fast food and 500 mmmillion on TWINKIES ) - the issue is, America spends money. Period. Save A Child for Lent. I don't really care how any of us does it - just Save a Child.