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Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Prayerful Solidarity With Ukraine

Christianity in Ukraine is over a thousand years old. And in that thousand years seemingly countless saints have risen up, often in times of tremendous spiritual and moral darkness. Many of Ukraine's saints are monks, bishops, priests and nuns. It is said that on one night Josef Stalin rounded up all the bishops of Ukraine and either exiled them to camps or had them killed. They are among the New Martyrs of the Communist Yoke.

The icon shown above is a Myrrh-Flowing icon of the Mother of God venerated at the Mariaskji Monastery in Ukraine. And here are the names of just fifteen Ukrainian saints. We might ask them to join us in our prayer for the well-being, safety, peace and non-violent resolution of  struggles in Ukraine these days.

We might also pray for a peaceful solution to conflicts and unrest in Thailand, Venezuela, Syria and South Sudan. It is said that the atrocities in South Sudan, the world's youngest coutnry, are so profound and terrible that there is no humanity to be found. 

Saint Macarius ~ pray with us.
Saint Nikita ~ pray with us.
Saint Paphnutius ~ pray with us.
Saint Agathon,
Saint Eupraksia, 

Saint Juliania,
Saint Anna of Kiev,
Saint Paul of Taganrog,
Saint Dimitra,
Saint Maria,

Saint Elena,
Saint Sava of Crimea,
Saint Paul, New Martyr
Saint Paisius, Fool for Christ
Saint Sophia,

And a Prayer Before the Myrrh-Flowing Icon of the Mother of God

For those
In great sorrow you are joy,
And for the oppressed, a protection,
And for the hungry, their food,
Comfort for the estranged,
You are a staff for the blind,
Visitation for all the sick,
And to those held by pain,
Shelter and comforting,
And to the orphan, an aid.
Mother of God in the highest, 
You Who are the Spotless-One hasten,
Save your servants from sin and fear.

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